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    A fresh start

    Oh, why was it difficult to get onto your to-read list? If its the size of the books, totally understandable. And to be fair, it has ruined other fantasy for me... nothing else is as satisfyingly cynical.
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    What you listening to Now : And, also, sorry. :D
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    Gaming and Gamers

    Wait... someone actually was able to beat Battletoads?
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    Why do you use the online name that you use?

    Well, I think fall is the best season and, if any of your are familiar, "Winter is Coming" is a quote from the 'A Song of Ice and Fire' book series (I can go on about this all day, but definitely pick it up if you haven't!). For what it's worth, I intentionally withheld the 'i' ;)
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    A fresh start

    Oh, wow, thanks for the warm welcomes! @MeeraReed: Words are wind. I'm *obsessed* with GRRM! :D @opalescent: Aye, I am in Baltimore. Thank you for the references, I had been looking (admittedly, not long) and been disappointed to not find much out about the scene. @skylersquirrel: From South...
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    A fresh start

    Howdy, I'm Winter. I am a single male who, after meeting a brilliant older woman, learned briefly about poly. I recoiled at first, thinking it was too taboo or... weird, even, I admit. But I can't help but feel something, a curiosity. I like to think I'm intelligent (:D) but I have to admit I'm...