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  1. xmakina

    I have been outed!!

    Amaranth is a girl :p Sadly, I think her Mum was just thinking poly was a different way of saying bisexual, rather than knowing what Polyamory was.
  2. xmakina

    Kink Partner Confusion?

    Goodness me. Quite a bit going on here! I've gone through and pulled out a few choice quotes that I feel I can help you address. Obviously, I only know as much as you've posted here so take it all with a pinch-of-salt. "In the past, N has said she understands poly, but doesn't need it in her...
  3. xmakina

    You have no idea how many people have told us that :p

    You have no idea how many people have told us that :p
  4. xmakina

    Primary/Secondary: Merged Threads, General Discussion / Debate

    You missed the crucial usually that preceded those statements :p
  5. xmakina

    Not sure how to make this work anymore...

    My first response to this is that it's time to go into crisis control. The relationship is broken and it needs fixing. Clearly S is not responding to your requests for more time, less sleeping alone and is, perhaps worst, breaking promises. "He promises to sleep in the same bed as me at night...
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    Primary/Secondary: Merged Threads, General Discussion / Debate

    I think I'm going to agree with CielDuMatin. Whilst the actual wording is to be considered, the much more overriding factor is context and delivery. Calling someone your primary/secondary makes for a quick and easy way to convey your set up with two people. Most poly people know that a primary...
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    New And Confused

    Hah! Seconded. To be honest though, I think it helped much more than it hindered. Going in with a strict rules-of-engagement meant that nothing would be done that both couples weren't 100% comfortable with. "But ever changing it just sound like a battle" -- think of it more as a journey from...
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    what? no uk peeps

    Howdy ho from Oxford (and Winchester, part time) :D
  9. xmakina

    Greetings from Old England

    Lol. Ish. As I said, for a gutter-press tabloid this is a really fantastic response considering how they normally react to abnormal, sex oriented things.
  10. xmakina

    Too close to workplace?

    As you should. The flip-side of the coin is, what happens if/when things don't work out? Would he really be comfortable knowing he could put you in the situation of working with an ex? I like your philosophy of keeping work and play separate. It's an idea I subscribe to, to the point of not...
  11. xmakina

    Greetings from Old England

    Thanks for the greetings. I'll be sure to pass the forum address around :) To be honest, extremely positive so far. Two tabloids (Metro and News Of The World) have both run very positive stories about Polyamory and I've not heard of any negative press. From where I stand, poly and bisexuality...
  12. xmakina

    Marginalization of young polys

    This is coming from a UK perspective, and is as implicit of the bisexual scene as it is the poly-one (but over here there seems to be a huge amount of crossover). I'm 22. My fiancé is 19. We're not your typical "let's go out and get ****-faced" 19 and 22 year-old's, admittedly, but we've never...
  13. xmakina


    Oxford BiFest March 27th, Oxford University Club. £5 unwaged, £10 waged. Whilst the main agenda is focussed around Bisexuality, the entire team who are running it are polyamorous so consider yourselves more than welcome! We will be running a workshop called "Relationship Styles and Structures"...
  14. xmakina

    Greetings from Old England

    Hi all, I'm Alex. 22, male and engaged to a wonderful girl. We both got into Poly early last year. She has another b/f, I'm still looking for a second partner. Came here from the Polyamory UK Livejournal, hoping to make some friends from around the world who "get" poly and don't just think...