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    Not really a blog

    (^^^ The Reddit opinion. I just wanted to make sure, in case anybody singles out my post and your quote, that it's understood to be out of context.) I do wonder if this is partly why I have also seen such high praise, or pride taken in identification of "solo-poly." Solo poly is sought after -...
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    Not really a blog

    I hope it's okay if I reply to this. I just wanted to say that I couldn't agree more with what you said! I'm behind on my reading list, so I'm sure I'll eventually hit that poly thread at some point. I know how that subreddit can be - I've talked about it before stating (and half joking) that...
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    Poly Living 2024

    I didn't know this was a thing. Thank you for sharing. I'm going to look in to it.
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    I don't know if I want to reconnect with my wife

    Hey there, I'd like to try and see if I could at least relate. I mean, I feel like I'm relating to a lot of what you wrote, and hopefully talking can help. Let me first give you a rundown of myself. Better yet, I'll just link it, and we'll get to what you want to talk about... There are a...
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    Looking for a poly couple in dmv

    Ha! Yeah, the first time I heard someone say / write it I thought the same thing. For those that come by ... DC, Maryland, Virginia - and usually meaning the metro area specifically. From my last look-in, there are many people open to polyamory in that area.
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    Couples' Privilege Article.

    ^^ There's another thread where the comments are littered with people saying that [insert bad characteristic that happens to coincide/compare with trait mentioned in the article above] are things to stay away from. And to your point, the original poster is ALMOST literally saying, "Maybe because...
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    Couples' Privilege Article.

    TLDR: I'm with you Seasoned, I just think articles like this and the people who twist are people who are constantly seeing / dealing with some really bad experiences. I wrote a huge draft, and have deleted it because I just want to get to the nuts and bolts of you writing: This is really...
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    "Just so I can do it, too"

    Chances are I would let something like that go and seek out more dates. But, maybe that just means I'm more desperate? **** I'm sorry if this is boiling down the topic a bit too much, and please feel free to correct me, or ignore me so that it can stay on topic... But, is this sort of like...
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    Fun and Frolic With Long-Term Love

    The last few weeks for you have been ... something. I sincerely hope things turn around.
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    Mac's Story Corner

    Update on people (correction on some naming too, I got confused on aliases, and luckily didn't use anyone's real name): Me: 40, m Jean: 38, f, wife, nesting partner, mom to Lincoln Lincoln: 7 (son to me and Jean, non-verbal autistic, he is a handful) Ricky, meta: 36, m, Jean's boyfriend...
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    Mac's Story Corner

    As an update, my therapist and I spoke a little more about my son yesterday. He's non-verbal autistic, and at the age of 7, really starting to show his ADHD, as well. I could tell she was trying to see if I had any emotional turmoil regarding him, and his diagnosis. Kind of wondering if I ever...
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    Been asking myself that same question. I can only assume Philadelphia if you're in the northern part of the state (had a friend that lived in Bear, which was a hop skip away from Philly, AND STILL moved to Philly for a better poly experience). And if you're in the southern part of the state...
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    Mac's Story Corner

    I'm stealing an idea from SEASONEDpolyAgain, and putting people in a link to my signature, and this post will service that. Me: 40, m Jean: 38, f, wife, nesting partner, mom to Lincoln Lincoln: 7 (son to me and Jean, non-verbal autistic, he is a handful) Ricky, meta: 36, m, Jean's boyfriend...
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    Mac's Story Corner

    In to 2020. During the pandemic, Jean went out with Aries, a wife of my friend, Brad they took a trip to Annapolis. She seemed excited, and had asked me if it okay that she liked her. They had flirted for a long time, and I said it was cool, but I don’t know what any of this would mean for...
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    Mac's Story Corner

    While I’m in a difference place now, I always considered myself monogamous for most of my life. Mainly because I never put much thought in to anything else. Alright strap in. I'll try and make asterisk *** breaks for time and story breaks. *** I met Jean at a car meet in 2010 where her and her...
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    Mac's Story Corner

    Hello, you can call me Mac. You know, I actually have a blog out there. I'm not a star, it's not well trafficked, and I talk about politics, cars, and tech on top of mentioning some of my philosophical thoughts. Sometimes I talk about polyamory, but because I don't hold a pseudonym out there, I...
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    Hey, formerly mono couples opening up to polyamory

    Please ignore me if I'm just talking nothing about nothing. But, I do want to try. Is it possible this (UH vs someone who wants a triad vs blanket-wanting-triad-makes-you-UH) has more to do about delivery, presentation, and a TRIAD ONLY goal VERSUS...
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    Literally saving the world with poly

    :: barges through door out of breath :: Fuck, I missed it. Well, you guys did pretty well, both in spirit and on merit. I can only assume this person is a troll. I shudder to think of someone trying to be genuine - writing what they wrote, and where they decided to write it. I got here late...
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    Fun and Frolic With Long-Term Love

    I had a friend in high school that worked at Thrashers. Crazy how some good fries, salt + vinegar can change the outlook on recent events. I speak for myself though. Your mileage may vary. :)
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    Philosophical Type Question(s) about hierarchy

    Yes, that's one of the reasons I latched on to this thread here. I noticed that in some OkCupid profiles. Some people wouldn't date anyone that had kids (like me). And I understood that someone can prefer that; that's fine. I mean, I even expect to see people who are monogamous have a preference...