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    Well, its starting to calm down now, thank god. I run heavy equipment, so spring, when the...

    Well, its starting to calm down now, thank god. I run heavy equipment, so spring, when the ground is melting, you cant move around. Once the frost is out we are good to go, but that takes most of a month. The last couple of weeks before that happens everyone wants everything to get done at once...
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    :) Yeah, everythings good here, just been retarded busy at work. Been poppin in at night...

    :) Yeah, everythings good here, just been retarded busy at work. Been poppin in at night sometimes keepin up with what you got going on, but the last little push before spring is murder every year, this one is no better than the last spring :/ Aside from that, how are things going with you? I...
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    Why and how did you get into poly?

    Its who I am, always has been.
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    Opportunity and poly?

    Winter in Canada. Could there be a more powerful arguement in favor of seeking a warm place to curl up with someone you love than six months of freezing tempuratures? I think not. Chin up, spring is just around the corner. pretty soon you will be waiting for the highway construction to finish...
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    Ta-Da! Hi from Eastern Canada

    (snickering quietly) Dont feel too bad, dear. I would likely have done the same thing in your position, and felt a little foolish very shortly afterward. :D Its ok, i know what you are, and more importantly, i know what you are not. I wont hold it against you, just because you missed your 12...
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    Opportunity and poly?

    See this is part of what got my wheels turning. How can the perception of polyamorists out there in everywhere include two criteria that are most often not simultaneous. Success is usually a product of experience, and experience is usually a product of time. Youth is not easily found in...
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    Help!! I have not been able to figure out how to multiquote a previous reply in a thread. Seen it done, so i know its possible. Do i need to do it manually? Input the individual codes, etc?:confused:
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    Testing... 1,2,3... testing...

    So the no anal sex with other partners thing is kind of like double wrapping a condom? A reaction to the increased instances of tearing, etc?
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    Opportunity and poly?

    In this instance i am using the term Polyamorist in a broad sense, so as not to get bogged down by "which flavor of poly is best" issues. I intended it as an inclusive label (something which i am loathe to do) for the purposes of the discussion. That said, i think i will take a shot at...
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    Didn't Go So Well

    What he said........ +1 for dirtclustit You are doing well, try not to get too worked up. Best advice going forward, try to look at all of this as honestly as possible. Understand what you want, what you need, and what you require before discussing these things with your wife. Trust yourself...
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    things going great but....

    For what its worth, I hate secrets, period. I consider a lack of honesty to be dishonesty. I know everyone's situation is different, but I could never in good conscience ask another person to conceal something about themselves for my benefit. If something is good, I don't believe in hiding it...
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    Testing... 1,2,3... testing...

    Looking for some education here, what makes anal riskier than vaginal or oral sex?:confused:
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    The Voyages of Starship Enigmatic

    Fantastic rant BG, I am really coming to like your style of conversation lololol. Seriously, I agree with you. The other one that bothers me is when the people that show up like that not only get pissy when you provide them with some much needed direction, then they try and convince you that...
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    The Voyages of Starship Enigmatic

    no, but there should be a 'you must be this smart to log on' sign on it
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    Opportunity and poly?

    Interesting! Were any of these discussed here on the forums? If so would really love to read them, but I have not found anything that addresses what I am looking for adequately. Not yet at least. Maybe we all have a sort of "fit-in-ometer" and everyones is just set a little different. Ha, nobel...
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    Added to, Joining In

    one of us, one of us, one of us :d
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    Opportunity and poly?

    So today I was reading through a couple of blogs that had been suggested to me for various reasons, and I kind of got derailed along the way, and I stumbled across something that I cant quite shake. It was a blog posting with a video link, and in the post the author made statements about...
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    baby steps.. (sorry, it's long)

    I think you are on the right track. Keep a cool head about it, take it slow, give everyone (you included) a chance to adapt as you move forward. Above all, be honest. Keep your chin up, and have patience;) Best of luck.
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    why "poly women" are bisexual ???

    I don't believe it to be a philosophy problem. Possibly a language issue. Just a thought..........
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    Poly and Gender Equality Survey

    completed, roughly 15 mins