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  1. Rechristening

    Poly Couple very new to lifestyle

    First, I agree with what others have said about educating yourself around poly AND changing your thinking of "your man/penis" as its dehumanising. He's your best friend right? Soyou say: ..."it's just that the thought of my man making another woman feel the way he makes me feel, sexually AND...
  2. Rechristening

    Feeling insecure, husband controlling, ignores me

    When I made the final decision to not have a polyamorous relationship with my partner, I did it because I knew that I wanted polyamory starting alone, with my own baggage and not have to deal with a partner who wasn't able to face their own actions/fears/worries. I guess this whole situation...
  3. Rechristening

    I'm Rechristening: American living in Bristol, England: Southwest

    Tell us about YOU and YOUR situation. Hello lovely people! Rechristening here. I am solo poly, with one partner, almost three years together. We swing together and share as much as we can. About four years ago, I broke up with my civil partner. We'd been together for 11 years, hitched for...
  4. Rechristening

    It's been 3 years since I joined this forum and my solo poly journey took a turn that has...

    It's been 3 years since I joined this forum and my solo poly journey took a turn that has surprised me and thrilled me to bits! I hadn't realised I signed up on this forum and boom! Full circle!
  5. Rechristening

    Is this a new triad?

    I think the same; that Sofia is on her way out. Even if she doesn't want therapy, it might help you to go see a (poly) therapist yourself so that you can have that support whilst you are going through this rocky, crazy, lovely space. Big hugs.