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    Dating & Friendship by Metro Area?

    Hello Admins, While there are a few exceptions, most people aren't able to go outside of their immediate metro area to pursue a casual or long-term relationship. Why don't we have the Dating and Friendship section for personals separated by metros? You could easily make a generic sticky post...
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    Hello all

    Re: Azure, Knowing your poly is kind of like knowing you're gay/bi. You don't have to be in poly relationships, or any relationship at all, to know you're poly any more than you have to have sex with someone of your own gender to know you're gay/bi. In short, you're on the right track...
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    Saint Louis MF Bi Couple

    Hello! A closed poly circle can have as many or as few people as you want, and doesn't fall into the strict numeric descriptors poly people like to use. It does tend to fluctuate over time but not as rapidly as some poly groups; since everyone in the circle needs to consent to and connect with...
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    Saint Louis MF Bi Couple

    12851 Another way to approach "closed poly circle" is to call it polyfidelity (polyfi for short) but many aren't familiar enough with the word to understand its distinctions from your more free love types of polyamory. We've been together nearly 3 years and married half that time. We met at a...
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    Hello from St. Louis

    Hello Hello fellow St. Louisan!
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    Saint Louis MF Bi Couple

    Hello! My wife and I are based in Saint Louis, poly, STI free and both bisexual. We are happily married, have a very close relationship and healthy sex life. I'm 31. She's 36. We've both previously been in poly relationships and strongly prefer the "closed poly circle" variety of polyamory...