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    Confused with newly discovered feelings

    I appreciate your update. although I am not in your exact circumstances, I feel a strong vibe for your environment. If she is seeking the eye contact from you, maybe that is an indication she would not object to at least a conversation. perhaps a conversation about yourself, recognizing that...
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    Welcome to the group!
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    Plur and poly

    I've been into EDM since the 90s, in my 20s. I'm also into the old industrial dance of the 80s like Front 242. I've been aware of my poly interest since around 2002, but thought it was swinging, because I didn't know about poly. my first thinking about poly was in my first marriage to be in a...
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    Confused with newly discovered feelings

    Lostintranslation, welcome to the group. as I am reading what you write, I am cheering for you to be successful with A and C. I agree with Kevin, to approach A first. even if A freaks out, give her time to sort out her emotions, then bring up again. being A and C are twins being very close...
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    Increased interest in my wife after time with another woman, whats that called?

    greetings everyone. I finally have something to ask for my own poly journey. I've shared with some of you, I'm in a Christian marriage, wife is very much against poly, but she is changing slightly. even a little change in the right direction is good in my thinking. she is cool with me spending...
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    Openness and other personality traits (link to personality test in thread)

    O 87.5% C 50% E 50% A 77% N 29% reading the article, I can say that when I was going on lots of dates in my early 30s (2004-2008) I had a tendency of talking very openly about my life on the first date. I was not aware of poly back then. people gave me advice that i should not talk so much...
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    The second

    welcome to the group. ive done alot of reading and self-reflection but im not in a poly relationship currently. poly can bring out struggles that are normally obscured in monogamous relationships. some people will take those struggles as a reason to not poly, but i encourage people to work on...
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    New to poly

    welcome to the group! lots of good people here.
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    Is polyamory worth it

    Faerum, welcome to the forum. I havent read every bit of all the other post replies but ill share from my perspective. Ive been on this poly journey for several years now, first realizing my interest 20 years ago but thought it was swinging with my best friend and his wife, I didn't know what...
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    my dad got me a commodore 64 for christmas in 1984! i think of that more as a computer than a game system. i learned "basic programming" on it it had a cassette tape drive for saving my basic programs, then i would take out the cassette and put it in my dads stereo to hear all the beeps and...
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    welcome to the forum, I'm definitely a nerd on the common stuff like computers, but also into some hobbies that would like up with nerd status. i can claim being a gamer back in the day, my first game system in 1981 was the Atari 2600! later I got the first Nintendo in 1986 too. hang around...
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    Hey friends!

    welcome to the board, theres alot of good peeps here.
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    Maybe being poly?

    Newbys, welcome to the forum. I've been on a journey of self-discovery for several years now. I believe I'm poly, my wife is not and has no interest in it, doesn't want me having a girlfriend. I haven't really done anything with it, but doing lots of research, reading other posts on here...
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    I think I’m poly, and fell in love with my best friend before leaving the cult we were all involved in.

    Alitulip12, thank you for sharing. ive done alot of reading about and spending time in support groups for the Jehovahs Witnesses, and it makes me sick the stuff they have going on. the Shunning is the worst and it destroys families and relationships. people dont think for themselves, if they did...
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    Hello- Here to Learn

    welcome to the forum pricklypear, my wife is resistant and is one of those that really doesn't want to hear about my interest in poly. you say..."I’ve really liked seeing him feel comfortable to explore more of himself" i would interpret that to be Compersion. when evaluating my own poly...
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    Possible polyamory situation? (Long one!)

    welcome to the forum. your wife seems more open than my wife. i am in a "Christian" marriage. to my wife poly is bad and she says I am in an addiction, or it is not safe thinking, or other similar comments. I have been very open to her. I have even come to terms with the idea that she could...
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    New...I Have Questions

    Three, welcome to the site. I too am on a journey of self-discovery. i first became aware of my interest about 20 years ago in my 20s, but didnt know what to call it. i would say my interest looked like kitchen table poly back then. I am poly but my wife is mono, we have disagreements sometimes...
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    Learning about poly

    welcome to the forum, Rebecca.
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    Australian woman wanting to know other poly people

    not in a poly way, like having lunch with them, hanging out with them absent of my wife. no relationship mentality, just friends but does have a date feel of sorts with some. to my wife poly is basically evil. i disagree but here i am. lol
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    Australian woman wanting to know other poly people

    welcome to the forum. I am interested in polyamory; my wife is not. we have had some ups and downs over the last year or so and mentioning my interest in it to her has caused problems. but I will not tell her I am wrong for recognizing my interest in polyamory, even tho she thinks its wrong...