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    Word Association Game!

    the ocasinee rope
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    introducing poly to potential other partners

    sorry. I realize that was ambiguous. We don't actually approach people together, but whomever is speaking to the potential partner says 'I'm in an open relationship...etc' And we are on dating sites...both separately and together. Oddly, the threesome requests seem to happen more frequently and...
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    introducing poly to potential other partners

    My partner and I have recently up people is the best way to put it I guess. Well, rather, we are attempting to pick up other people. Rather than casually wait for more partners to fall into our laps (mainly mine), we've finally discussed actively looking for more people to...
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    a curious shy one

    hello. I'm a new adventurer into the world of being somewhat open about poly relationships. I have a male partner who has a female partner who has a male and female partner. I'm here to get used to explaining myself to persons other than my immediate primary so that maybe eventually our chain of...
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    meeting his other. help?!

    Thank you for the responses. You guys are awesome. @nycindie, I've seen her and she's nowhere near ugly. That wasn't a serious question. I forget sometimes that there are individuals in the world who actually do have that thought seriously sometimes and that it is weird of me to blurt such...
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    meeting his other. help?!

    So, after much deliberation and a mutual desire to attend the same conference, my partner and I have decided it's perfectly acceptable for me to meet his other girlfriend. some quick background: I've been with him for just under a year and entered the relationship knowing his relationship with...