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    Any finns lurking around

    yeah, my wife is also Finn. Let me know if you want to join
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    Guy looking for mf couple

    we live in Finland, let me know. I have a Finnish wife
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    Looking for FMM or FFM

    We are two men from Italy, we live in Finland
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    Hello from Blue Mountains Australia

    Greetings from Finland, also new to this and we don't have any experience on poly, but we are curious. I am 45 and my wife 38. Too bad we are far. We are educated (University, good positions etc...) what about you? cheers, Genny
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    Couple from Finland

    Hello, I am new here. We are a couple from Finland, we are curious about finding interesting people, we are willing to travel or host friends in Finland. We are educated and with good working positions and we look for the same degree of education. Manners first. Hope you will contact me. Cheers...