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  1. MsJulles

    Newb From Sunny California

    Welcome! I wish you all success in your triad;)
  2. MsJulles

    Holy crap... I have two husbands... when did that happen.

    Glad things are going well for you Dagferi:)
  3. MsJulles

    Captain's Log

    It absolutely was! Lol
  4. MsJulles

    Captain's Log

    You're welcome LoveBunny. It is so sad that bi women out there are still "bi on the back burner" instead of "out-and-proud" like we are. I saddens me to know that the women you found on facebook didn't live out the fullness of being in a true relationship with a woman. Sex with the right...
  5. MsJulles

    Life Vignettes of a Poly Fledgling

    I love your writing style, PolyRed! This is great.
  6. MsJulles

    Captain's Log

    Bummer! I know you'd love to fuck him again. It's not easy to find a man who can blow your mind in bed. Dating women is no walk in the park either. I am blessed to have found my wife years ago who had what I wanted physically (she's voluptuous) and mentally. We are impressed at how our...
  7. MsJulles

    Captain's Log

    You have a lot going on LoveBunny but it seems to me like you managing quite well. I hope your date with that lady went well. I hope you see Topher again!
  8. MsJulles

    Why, Hello

    Welcome to the forum! We are in a similar triad to yours and we are having kids as well:)
  9. MsJulles

    Closed triad

    Well, Amanita you sound like you know what the main issues are. So many things go into making a happy home with a loving triad. First of course is for people to find the right house to live in and be able to get to work and back with a reasonable commute. You have to decide how to go about...
  10. MsJulles

    Closed triad

    We do threesome sex all the time like this. We enjoy it a lot when he enters me than my wife and vice versa. We haven't had issues with yeast infections, knock on wood:). One-on-one sex between any two of us happens as well just to mix it up but the threesome sex does an incredible job of...
  11. MsJulles

    Perspectives welcome

    Wonderful rene1224 that the three of you have developed into a loving triad! I know how you feel because we've had a few folks show disdain for our relationship. Society is a long way towards accepting poly relationships as legitimate but all we can do is love our partners and keep on moving...
  12. MsJulles

    Closed triad

    I feel for you peabean! It is sad that even professional people show disdain and are suspicious of poly relationships. I know we are going to have issues with people looking at us with suspicion when my wife and I both start having kids by our husband. People assume that men who openly love...
  13. MsJulles

    New Here

    Welcome Nursehope! There are a few of us here who are in such a triad and we love being in it! We have different ways in which we found love in a triad but it's worth going through the bumps in the road to get there. Hit me up anytime.
  14. MsJulles


    Hi Terri! Welcome to the forum. We are in a similar relationship, but in our case I got married to my wife and later fell in love with our man who we love as our "husband". We plan on doing a ceremony for each of us with him and we are excited! Julie
  15. MsJulles

    Closed triad

    I know what you mean. It isn't easy to put into words how a triad works because there are so many ways to look at it. What I find works for us is being flexible. I love my wife and the husband we share because I love each of them equally and differently just as they provide me each their own...
  16. MsJulles

    Closed triad

    Wow Ajoy, we are similar in how we have things set up! My wife and I have been together for a few years. We are both bisexual females who had dated mostly men before we got together. We both at the time we met were looking to find love with another woman, because we preferred them over men...