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  1. Danny40179

    Paying your emotional tab

    I've never had to deal with this so I have no advice, but wanted to wish you good luck.
  2. Danny40179

    How to handle this?

    YIKES! I agree that honesty is the best policy. You said yourself that you aren't in a relationship with them yet. I also love the idea of that google voice!! Thank you for that valuable bit of information!! Good luck and keep us posted on how things go.
  3. Danny40179

    We've got different needs for communicating

    It's always great when things are going well. Keep up the hard work and it'll always be good. :)
  4. Danny40179

    We've got different needs for communicating

    That's great, I'm glad to hear that. I wish you guys the best of luck.
  5. Danny40179

    We've got different needs for communicating

    Love the last line. It is indeed about the quality not the quantity. As for the need for a break, I can only speak from my experience. When my wife asked a question I took it as her needing reassurance. I didn't hesitate to answer any questions
  6. Danny40179

    To be open or not to be

    Definitely a tough sutuation to be in. My wife and I had to keep our first relationship hidden from family and some friends. We thought it was for the best as we didn't want to rock any boats. Then our gf passed away. It's been 5 years and I still regret keeping her a secret. Enter our...
  7. Danny40179

    We've got different needs for communicating

    If you guys are new to the poly lifestyle, then I think there should be TONS of communication. Even if you're not new, I think there should still be tons of communication. That is one of the biggest pieces to making this way of life possible. I think you have every right to ask as many...
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    *gentle nibble* Hi there!! You're tasty lol. Thanks for saying hi!
  9. Danny40179


    Hi everyone. Some of you may remember me and most probably won't lol. I'm the happy hubby to two amazing women. We've been together for 3.5 years and there is no doubt that we will all grow old together. I love to laugh as well as make others laugh because life is too short. You have to the...
  10. Danny40179

    Hi there! Thank you for the kind words. I've been away from the forums for a bit, so I hope all...

    Hi there! Thank you for the kind words. I've been away from the forums for a bit, so I hope all is still going well with your triad. There aren't too many of us out there so it is really nice to see another that is doing well.
  11. Danny40179

    Been listening, time to start talking.

    Welcome!! I loved reading your post. I'm glad things are working well and I commend you all for your efforts. :)
  12. Danny40179

    Navigating the new waters as mono

    Doesn't happen often, but you impressed the hell out of me. I love the way you think!! Now, onto hubby. What he's doing is completely wrong and some would call it cheating. While he may have had "permission" for certain things, he's not upholding his end of the deal. This lifestyle can...
  13. Danny40179

    Being a poly male is hard

    *le sigh* So true, but as Somegeezer said it's the majority of men that make the decent ones look bad. PolyinHR, in my experience I've found that there aren't too many women out there that are interested in poly. Mostly because of what Magdlyn said in her post. A lot of guys who say they...
  14. Danny40179

    Hey all! New triad brewing...

    Big misunderstanding as far as I'm concerned. I'm sorry for any assumptions on my part.
  15. Danny40179


    Ok, well there are two things that you said you needed. Maybe she could work on trying to reassure you better? Come to some sort of happy medium. As far as being more aggressive, this is a great opportunity to figure out how to do that in a fashion that works best for you. Good luck!! :)
  16. Danny40179

    Hey all! New triad brewing...

    I guess when you said interview I didn't think it was in the literal sense. When I said that I meant it more as a fact finding mission. It's about getting to know someone. Neon I'm sorry that others have made you feel like you were on an interview. I ask, however, that unless I personally...
  17. Danny40179

    Hey all! New triad brewing...

    I agree totally. But why is it an audition? It's a conversation much like you have when you're talking to someone new. "Hi, I'm Danny and my wife and I are looking for someone to bring into our marriage." vs "Hi, my name is Neon and I'm looking to add someone into my life." Only difference I...
  18. Danny40179


    Gotta agree with Red on this one. Cheating is cheating. How would you like it if you weren't the only woman he was sleeping with? How do you know you aren't? See, when he lies to one person, it's very easy to lie to others. Once that trust is broken, how do you believe what he's telling...
  19. Danny40179

    Hey all! New triad brewing...

    "...they act is if there is an ideal third floating around out there somewhere who will complete their relationship..." Is this a bad thing? My wife and I found that very person. Someone that helps to complete our relationship. Someone that fits into our life seamlessly. Known her for 6...
  20. Danny40179


    I see. Well for starters I think it's easier to find a man that's willing to be a bit more open about this lifestyle than women. I lucked out when I found our gf, but aside from her, there aren't too many women out there keen on the idea of my lifestyle. I think it's nice that she's trying...