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  1. Failing2Pisces

    Solo Poly. How do you do it?

    Hi DreadedRose, I identify as Solo Poly and I am new on here (and to the poly community). Current challenges for me right now include articulating what I am looking for in non-traditional relationship language, as well as coming up against the hurdles inherent in trying to date poly, but never...
  2. Failing2Pisces

    Solo Poly in PNW

    Thank you for the resources Kevin, and dropping a line, Meera! I closed down my original Facebook account that was years old, but have a small one that I use a little on Facebook. I will stop by the Solo Facebook group soon.
  3. Failing2Pisces

    Personal Summaries

    You can call me Morgan here. I recently posted an Introduction as well. 33 years old, cis female, bisexual, gender fluid, kink positive. I range from presenting as high femme, to tom boy, to Dorito gremlin, to masc. Honestly, I have not had much energy to devote to understanding gender fluidity...
  4. Failing2Pisces

    Solo Poly in PNW

    Hey all, I'm actually a Leo, not a Pisces :) You can call me Morgan. I identify best as solo poly at this time. I am usually a lurker and not active on discussion boards nor on social media, but I have been *so* frustrated with relationships and dating that I have found it necessary to engage...