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    Fun and Frolic With Long-Term Love

    I was on metformin. I have some kidney damage due to being given an incorrect medcine aka lasix. I was in the hospital and being given lasix with me knowing it. I fired the wacko doctor. My current cardio said I had no water issues. It ended up they switched me to Glimepiride. My blood...
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    Fun and Frolic With Long-Term Love

    This happened to me! Covid then diabetes out of no where.
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    Should I be worried about my Meta?

    Has Lucy and David ever met in the real world? My experience is that sometimes online doesn’t translate well to real world. Another issue is after being separated for so long, there maybe a period of NRE. My last online relationship crashed and burned in the real world. I was okay with that...
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    Jealousy, Envy, WTF

    It occurs to me if you have ptsd, if your like me you need a control to cope. Especially if you have abandonment issues. I would suggest you do some individual therapy on your abandonment issues and self esteem. You seem like you have a great boyfriend. The request to ask him to text I need...
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    The Best Life Yet

    Part of a family I want to be part of the family. Child chronic illness and unschooling her have literally stopped our life. I keep up with so many of you. Hope you all don’t mind. My mono husband Jay is hanging in. My ex boyfriend Hunter, contacted me. It was a bad wind I ignored.
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    I look at texting as situational. If there is active conversation or a meal stay present with life now. In other words stop texting it is rude. If there are no acive conversations I don't care. I look at why, if there is texting all the time. Why does it bother me? I feel alone in the room...
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    Nobody's Fool

    I am in love with that painting. I have a print of dract horses I got many years ago. Beautiful, I love the technique.
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    Fun and Frolic With Long-Term Love

    I am not a fan of yellow except with navy blue. I am just not a yellow kinda of girl. Huge fan of blues, greens.
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    Fun and Frolic With Long-Term Love

    Look at pallet flooring. I just redid my laundry room with peel and stick last minute, kinda of thing. I took it down to the wood. That helped them stick better. It also showed some slight water damage. I am so into pallets for flooring and outdoor bbq cover and outdoor sectional. I meant...
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    The Best Life Yet

    Studying something is not about being perfect. Studying something like poly is to give you the tools to deal with how it plays out. Just because your poly, it doesn't shut down how you feel. You have been burned a few times. From what I have read all along Rider is a good match. It doesn't...
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    Fun and Frolic With Long-Term Love

    When we purchased our new home we did something similar. We measured and picked things out. Some we purchased as it came on sale. We also had a flooring store go out of business and purchased our flooring. A lot of specialty fools can be rented.
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    Pulling the plug

    I agree with Gala 100 percent. I would like to add, that you put off trying to get preggers and they never stopped.
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    Help! Parents bad reaction, threatening to take child away

    I have a very judgemental family. I had one plot to take my children. The children's services showed up. They looked at the cleaniness of ghe house, they wanted doctor contacts. They wanted to look at my food supply. The safe storage of medcines etc. I would think neveda the storage of...
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    Nobody's Fool

    I think there is a basic difference, sorry for the generalization between men and women. Men need sex to feel love and women need love to have sex. I read that book venus and mars. I truly believe this is about survivor's guilt. I believe he is in deep hard core grief and sees having feelings...
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    Redpepper's journey

    I am sorry for your pain. My husband needed to have secrets in his life. He cheated to do this. It was about him and his issues not me. It took along time to accept this was a cruel addiction.
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    The Best Life Yet

    simple I have the worst thoughts when my mind isn't busy and things are good. Then I remember my therapist, What would you say to your best friend in this situation? I also remember her saying self care. I say love your self, it's okay not to be perfect and do perfect poly. Poly is work...
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    Big changes in relationships

    I remember how UN receptive people were to Emmy sweet lady and her husband. I think your assumptions are further proof how judgemental this site can be sometime. I remember numina and she was blasted, maybe this is just a case of twice burnt lesson learned.
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    Relationship with me

    updating My child is still I'll. We have been to a second diagnostic childrens hospital one of the best in the US. We found 4 incurable conditions, but the blessing is they are not terminal they are painful but my warrior princess being out of school for 2 years and at 16 being pretty...
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    Going to Pakistan

    I am sorry you have lived through the horror of rape. I am happy you are finding peace for yourself. I am glad your giving your children the freedom of summer with grandparents. I hope your new life meets your expectations. I don't understand your points and why you want to espouse to a...
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    The Best Life Yet

    I am sorry Rider is grieving, however happy he is out of that sad relationship. You have handled this well, in my honest opinion.