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    Word Association Game!

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    Word Association Game!

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    D/s and poly

    Oh Man, and me being I think the friend who is in crisis, and being as needy as I have been the last few weeks, it is a wonder that you are still being able to survive with all that going on. Jsut remember you are in my thoughts always
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    Hey how is it going??

    Hey how is it going??
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    my life..

    Warning: This is going is be a whole bunch of jumbled thoughts. Sorry for any misspelling, and such, I am not the best writer. So, my life in general. I am 35 years old and been in two solid relationships. The first one physically assaulted me. Almost killed me twice and I went back a...
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    Half Full Glass or Half Empty?

    LR-- I can take most of that to heart and learn from it. Thank you for posting it. It felt the first half you were talking directly to me.
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    Insecure? Be Aware.

    Oh man, as most of you know, or might not, I am friends with LR and Maca. Boy does this hit so close to home. I am not sure how much I would like to open up about myself right now, for certain reasons (mainly to protect my daughter) for right now. But I should say things hopefully like this...
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    Hello All

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    Hello All

    <quote>An insecure person and a secure person have the same lifestyle. They both are focused and diligently practice (EVERY DAY) being who they are. The insecure person focuses on every single one of their faults, failures and weaknesses and becomes more insecure. The secure person focuses...
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    Hello All

    LR-- Where do I start.. I am not quite sure, but the "slap in the face" did wake me up today. I never knew how much my issues and problems affected others. I know that sounds strange and bad, but I really had no clue. I am going to seriously think about what I need to do over the next few...
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    Hello All

    Sorry I went off the grid I am sorry I have not responded to any responses before now. If I did not say say in my first post I am a full-time college student. I am taking two classes in class and one online/in class so I am pretty busy. Thank you for taking your time to let me know there...
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    Hello All

    Hello everyone, I am new to "poly" and this forum. A friend of mine brought up the topic and I started to do some research on what it was and how I felt about it. It seems the more I read, the more I am interested. A little about myself. I have been with my husband now for 17 years, been...