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  1. Dagferi

    poly living arrangements

    Yes I have two separate houses one with each partner. Has been that way for over a decade and it works for us. Just don’t post a lot because life…
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    If I were to use cannabis, legal in my state, or not, because it is federally illegal, I would lose my professional licenses as a veterinary technician and insurance claims adjuster. (I am licensed in all the states that require an insurance adjuster to be licensed.)
  3. Dagferi

    Fun and Frolic With Long-Term Love

    As someone who now works insurance, I got licensed as a P&C insurance adjuster 18 months ago, please check your homeowners coverage. Cheaper policies mean less coverage. Also make sure you have the proper riders for the unusual situations. My house which I bought for less than a new car is...
  4. Dagferi

    The Notebook of JaneQSmythe

    Holy shit. I am sorry you went through all of this.
  5. Dagferi

    Is Polyamory my sexual orientation? I'm confused. Please help ♡

    For me polyamory is a relationship style not a sexual orientation. Sexual orientation to me is a person's identity in relation to the gender or genders they are attracted to sexually.
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    I worry about a woman who things that bringing a child into the world while living in a gutted caravan with a bunch of dogs in cats is a healthy decision. This poor kid is going to watch it's father go back to his nice house and comfy life with his wife while they are living in the rough.
  7. Dagferi

    A 20yr relationship turning towards a 3rd person into the relationship

    How will you feel when you best friend and your husband get consumed by NRE? When she will be new and fun for your husband and his focus will be on her?
  8. Dagferi

    Metamour doesn't ackowledge me

    My husbands like parallel poly. They have very little if anything to do with each other. In fact they haven't seen each other face to face or spoken in several years It does not mean they cannot or would not reach out to each other if something happens to me. It does not make one secondary...
  9. Dagferi

    When one person is poly and the other is not (triads or potential triads potentially??)

    If I may ask why the search for a triad? The are one of the hardest poly configuration to maintain. Why the need for everyone to be involved with everyone else? I am the hinge in a MFM vee. My relationships are separate but equal. My husbands have little to do with each other. I own property...
  10. Dagferi

    Getting married in a poly relationship

    I am married to both my husbands. One I have a legal marriage to. It is so I can received his pension and be on his health benefits. The other I had a commitment ceremony with. I own separate property with both. I have legally protected both in my will. Both have medical power of attorney.
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    Condoms and such

    Marcus in the US if a married woman has a child with another man while married the child is automatically deemed the child of the husband and he is one the hook for that child. Some states you can state a different father but have to go through a legal process to do so. Children are expensive...
  12. Dagferi

    Has anyone dealt with ASSumers?

    Wow this conversation went a quick left. If you are going to be polyamorous guess what you all going to have to deal with all different kinds of shit. I have had my husband's "friends" proposition me for sex on the down low. I have had strangers proposition me out of the blue in Facebook...
  13. Dagferi

    Benefits of being a Vee

    Of course. My husbands have met each other on several occasions. Hell Butch fixed the boiler at Murf's house. And Murf helped Butch move to a new house. I own separate property with both. I have separate retirement savings plans with both. Own pets with both. Have a will that protects both...
  14. Dagferi

    Benefits of being a Vee

    Yes I am in a closed MFM v. But if either one of my husbands decided they wanted to have other partners I would be a hypocrite to demand them to stay monogamous.
  15. Dagferi

    New Polycule

    You are being unreasonable. I feel the same way your meta does. My husbands do also. Hell they do not like the other in their respective houses for more than a quick visit. Their houses are their castle. So I split my time between the two of them.
  16. Dagferi

    BF wants to take new GF on vacation

    When people show you who they really are believe them. Why are you even with this man who has basically said that you are a place holder and will be replaced?
  17. Dagferi

    New to Poly!

    Love may be infinite but time is finite. Right now I am searching for a new job because right now I do not have a decent work life balance and my husbands and children are paying the price. Last year I took a position with a 60% pay raise. But now I am gone out of my homes 60+ hours a week due...
  18. Dagferi

    Covid precautions and couples privilege

    It isn't about being unclean it is about keeping vulnerable people in our lives safe. I just went 3 weeks not seeing Murf my husband due to his employer requiring people who were exposed through their spouses or family who resided with them but without symptoms to still come to work. It just...
  19. Dagferi

    How do you decide if someone is toxic?

    Easy only let them see your posts about Little girl. Just change your privacy settings.
  20. Dagferi

    Am I doing the right thing?

    Sometimes love is not enough. And it is not fair to put the burden of your mental health on your partner. It is not his job to provide you stability. You cheated on your fiance by talking to someone else online. Marriage should be the least of your concerns right now.