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    Motorcycle or sunny vacation?

    Thanks for all the helpful advice guys! But she ended up getting him both. He was thrilled of course. And she’s happy too. So I guess it all worked out. Sometimes I guess not making a decision is a decision itself. Thank you all!
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    Motorcycle or sunny vacation?

    Your comments are exactly what I was looking for. Very good food for thought in favor and against each option. Her boyfriend is a student and so has a limited budget. He’d be very happy with either I think. My wife would be happier with the vacation she tells me but then is it really as much of...
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    Motorcycle or sunny vacation?

    Yeah. She has a week or so to decide and keeps going back and forth. She really likes this guys and wants to get something special for him.
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    Motorcycle or sunny vacation?

    I know things could be a lot worse! But she’s agonizing over this decision. I keep saying motorcycle cause I would have lots to have one when I was 22. And they could have so much fun riding together. But she thinks a romantic getaway would be better. She’s not sure what he would prefer.
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    Motorcycle or sunny vacation?

    My wife has been dating a new boyfriend for about 6 months now. He’s about 10 years younger than my wife who’s in her mid 30s and very adventurous. Super athletic and into travel and extreme sports. She can’t decide to get him a motorcycle (unsafe) vs a vacation to the islands for the two of...
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    She’s back Thanks for your input and thought provoking questions. I think I was a little nervous and maybe even a little jealous. But it all turned out great. They had a wonderful time on the beach and sent me lots of pictures and postcards, brought me back a bottle of gin with their picture on...
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    25 y/o straight male, newly poly relationship w/ partner, east coast

    Are you looking for men, women, or both? Hang in there friend!
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    Hi guys quick question. My wife says she wants to go on “sabbatical” with her boyfriend for two week at a resort in the Caribbean. It will give her a chance to recharge and take time away from all of her responsibilities. Overall I support the idea but am I missing something?
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    Hubby looking for bubby

    Hi Guys it’s been a while. My wife and I are a youngish couple in our 30s. She has been dating a few guys on and off for a while and has finally settled down with two great guys. This just leaves me with more time on my hands than I would like so I’m starting to date as well. I’m handsome...
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    What do you do about your wife and boyfriend texting constantly when they are not together? It's rude and I've talked to my wife about it and she just blows it off like I'm overreacting. I just find it very irritating. Advice?
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    30's Man in CT married, looking for GF

    Hello out there! Just thought I would put this up in case someone might be interested in meeting up for a coffee or a drink. I am in my late 30's and have been married for about 7 years. My wife has a boyfriend and has been dating for a couple of years. I am at the point now when I am ready to...
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    Now what

    Hi Guys, I have been on and off this sight for a few years now. We were really excited when my wife found a boyfriend. She broke up with him and met another man who she is now dating. He came over and spent the night for the first time last week and it went really well. My wife was over the...
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    Submissive seeking 2 Daddy Dom's to love

    How's it going Leo? Find your guys yet or still looking?
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    Looking for a poly connection in NYC.

    Interested. :) My wife has one bf and is looking for another. I have been mono but am now looking.
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    Seeking man for married couple.Florida

    Hi guys! I hope you find a great guy. You'll never regret it. We have not looked back since my wife's first boyfriend. Good luck!
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    Finding another boyfriend for my wife

    Hi Guys, Do you know of another way (other than online) for my wife to meet a relatively young (in his 20's) boyfriend who would be cool with her having a husband? She likes fit, young guys (what woman doesn't right?) and she feels creepy going to college bars. Any suggestions or are there any...
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    Anniversary gift for wife and boyfriend?

    Hey Guys, What's a good and appropriate gift for my wife and her boyfriend on their anniversary? A romantic getaway? A dinner out? Something material? Thoughts?
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    Does polyamory work for men?

    Hey P518, Great topic. I think you're definitely not alone. I have a very similar experience. When my wife and I realized we were poly and opened up our relationship, she found a great guy relatively quickly. And she has been in a steady relationship with him since. I feel thrilled for her and...
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    Having trouble sleeping at boyfriend's house!

    Hi KGM, My wife sometimes has trouble sleeping at her boyfriends. Usually she says its because when they are intimate it is like a heavy workout and they both need time to cool down after. Even after their cool down period she sometimes can't get to sleep because her mind starts racing about...
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    Talk to Me About Overnights

    Does anyone use technology to help with this? Whenever my wife does an overnight with her boyfriend she skypes with me before they go to bed. I feel good knowing she's ok and she sleeps (or not!) better knowing I'm ok. When she gets home she skypes with her guy. It seems to take a bit of the...