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    Aussielover, your story (along with sunshinegirl and aussiebloke) is very inspiring. I'm so happy for the three of you!
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    Long Term Poly Relationship Goals?

    Yes, all three of us in the group committed to each other and the "marriage" of our three hearts... By a V being unsuitable I mean that my being the only recipient of a dual relationship. (I would expect she and him to also be intimate, and for all the of us to do likewise... sharing the same...
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    Hello from someone who is curious and new

    How frustrating! Not that I don't like the kitty, but I really want the coffee cup... Oh well. I'll keep messing with it. And thank you, Mark! Welcome!
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    Kansas City meeting

    Kansas City is about 4 hours away, but I will keep this in mind if we ever are in the area! My fiance owes me a trip to the Nelson-Adkins anyway... I'd be interested to hear about how it goes for anyone able to make it.
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    Transcript of "Love Triangle" on Fox News Channel

    Condescending Bias is such a good word for it! I know exactly what you mean with that tone. What always drives me batty is that, as a history lover, I feel that I have a decent perspective on the actualities of love and marriage rather than the rosy portrait so-called "traditionalists" like to...
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    New to this... confused

    I agree with what Ygirl said. If you're wanting to form a new love besides what you have with your wife than, yes, sounds as if poly could be a word to describe that. Interested to hear how your maybe-date goes! I'm also in a couple that is wanting to form a triad ... bisexual woman, hetero...
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    Greetings from New York

    Welcome to the forum! (although I'm new myself... tehe!) I was just in New York recently for the first time.
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    Hello from someone who is curious and new

    Thank you! You are correct in that all the people here are great! Unrelated, but not sure where else to put it: What image are you seeing as my avatar? I keep trying to switch it to a coffee cup but I first had a cat, and now I always see the cat... but when I look on my profile it is the...
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    Long Term Poly Relationship Goals?

    Wow, this is something to think about! Good responses so far, everyone. Emphasis is mine. My fiance and I are definitely not keen on the dating scene, although he's had much more experience than I have. I tend to date my friends and have never actually been on a first date! We, too, are...
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    Poly Vignettes: Sharing Success & Happiness

    Congratulations, this is so inspiring to read!
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    Hello from someone who is curious and new

    Thank you, both of you!
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    Hello from someone who is curious and new

    Greetings! I have been intrigued by polyamory for years, but never gave it much thought as a serious endeavor until recently. I've joined up here to explore and learn the nuances of the community. A little about myself... let's see. I'm a senior in college studying a degree in history, my...