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  1. OverandOver

    Are Polys really that much more Happy?

    We have that expression in English too. We say someone "sees the world through rose-colored glasses."
  2. OverandOver

    Random question that came up-Backgrounds checks

    There are situations I could see wanting a background check on someone I was seeing. Especially if there were a chance they could ever be sharing space with my children. If everything else were going well and the person was someone I could see myself being with, and they told me they wanted to...
  3. OverandOver

    Why do you use the online name that you use?

    I was at quite a loss for a name. I've been on forums forever and didn't want to use anything that has ever been associated with me. Over and Over is the name of a song that became an anthem for me when I lost my husband. I listened to it thousands of times probably. "Old enough to know, but...
  4. OverandOver

    A bit adrift

    I actually would like to clarify with them whether they intend for this to be a relationship where I am secondary to both, or a co-primary. Because I get the impression that they do not want me to feel secondary actually, but I just don't see how that works, yes, mostly because we do not live...
  5. OverandOver

    A bit adrift

    Goodness there is a lot of important stuff in there. I almost wish I could just print it out and bring it to dinner. I'm not going to go point by point again, but please know all of it was helpful. I absolutely agree my inability to ask people for what I need from them is my own personal...
  6. OverandOver

    A bit adrift

    Both, but the relationship with him is the only one that's hard to navigate. In large part because I've been in relationships with men before, but being a secondary is so different to anything I'm used to. In another part because she and I see each other all the time, have quiet moments of...
  7. OverandOver

    A bit adrift

    Hokay, the nitty gritty stuff. Nope, I have not dated. I have fairly young children and a busy and full life and my view on that has been that I'm open to a new partner, but not looking for it. Since all my socialization occurs with women and married couples, I really wasn't holding my breath...
  8. OverandOver

    A bit adrift

    Thank you for your kind reply. I think I feel out of my depth in large part because I have never been a secondary partner? I don't know how to do that and I don't have my footing. Wanting time and attention of course, but not wanting to take too much time and attention away from Jenny. I do...
  9. OverandOver

    A bit adrift

    Hi, I was glad to stumble across this forum and see that it is active. I've been active on various forums for 20 years, but most have died a slow death ever since Facebook took over the world. I'm in a very unusual situation I never expected to find myself in. I feel the situation is extremely...