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    Long distance love

    I'm currently in a LDR with my poly partner. It worked well for a while as although the distance and travel-time was a pain in the bum, it felt healthy to have that time apart and look forward to seeing each other monthly. His other girlfriend was also a LDR for him. However, she has...
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    Children and Polyamory: Merged Threads, General Discussion

    hey there Thanks for sharing your experience. At the moment, I'm only in one relationship. My partner (who is in two relationships) has become quite close with my daughter. I think I have an issue with 'traditional' family in particular. My daughter was brought up by myself and her father...
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    Children and Polyamory: Merged Threads, General Discussion

    Children polyamoury suits me fine. I like it, I like the ideals, the way it works and how happy I can be in this type of relationship. one thing I can't settle with is children growing up in polyamoury relationships. I have a daughter, five years old who is used to being ina single-parent...
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    New Here - Hello :)

    Hi there I'm new to this site, and still fairly new to polyamoury (a year at a stretch). Not new to the idea - something I have admired for years, but only now have an opportunity to explore for myself. Generally looking to chat to some like-minded people, always interested to know other's...