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    polys in recovery?

    Been clean for 31 years, poly for 20. Just letting you know you are not alone and it does work :)
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    Opening up to open relationships in India

    Amit, You are not alone - check out this podcast about polyamory in India -
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    When you think things like 100+ people conventions will be a thing? Anyone heard any skillful estimates?
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    Poly Etiquette for nesting partners

    another book recommendation Like others, I'm going to recommend a book, but this one focuses on tools you (and partners) can use for situations like this
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    Phoenix! Mindful Polyamory Tuesday, April 2, 2019 We are excited to host Dan and Dawn, authors of "The Polyamory Toolkit" for a special presentation and discussion entitled "Mindful Polyamory": "Sometimes polyamory can feel like a “me first” movement. Quoting polyamory advice...
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    podcast covers how to find poly partners

    Video - Podcast - about 25 minutes in
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    Poly Speed Dating at Beyond The Love - Columbus OH

    Lead by a special guest, prepare to have a great time and meet others via Poly Matchmaking! This poly designed system is a great way to get to meet some of the other great participants at Beyond The Love!