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    Word Association Game!

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    Hello, poly friends! :)

    Welcome, ButtercupGirl!
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    From the smoking ruins

    Ok, it's been a few months, and I thought I would update this. In brief summary, the time has been very tumultuous, emotionally and physically. Skye was officially diagnosed bipolar, though there is some discussion still if it's bipolar I or II. While it does explain a lot, both in the recent...
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    And boom goes the dynamite.

    Girl, that sucks, and I totally understand how you're feeling.
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    From the smoking ruins

    Highlight from yesterday. Fairly calm again, until the afternoon, when I was taking Skye back to the house from an appointment. It didn't get to a shouting match or anything, but there was some heat in it. The topic was her feeling like she was being alienated by me, Buns, and Busbuddha...
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    Is there a difference....

    Today's pondering: Is there a difference between one saying they are sorry and them asking for forgiveness? I'm curious to hear the thoughts of others on this.
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    From the smoking ruins

    Yesterday was an ok one, all in all. Skye and I had an ok talk via phone, going over what happened between her and Crush the night before, general info on poly dating, and our weekend plans. She asked if it would be ok to come with Busbuddha, Buns, and I to a poly pizza event that we were...
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    From the smoking ruins

    The day after the nuclear explosion Skye wanted to talk about it, but I told her I couldn’t right then. She pushed and pushed, via text, ignoring that I told her no, I couldn’t. Then she started calling, both my cell and work phone. More texts insisting that I answer the phone, about how she...
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    From the smoking ruins

    Well, Skye started therapy a few weeks ago, and we have an appointment with a couples therapist come Monday. In terms of medication, it's a bit hard to tell really. It's one she's been on for ages. I'm certainly not stating that it's not a potential issue, only that Skye has been on it for a...
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    From the smoking ruins

    She accepted that offer. I wrote a letter to Crush to this effect, detailing him what was going on, and that I was glad she had him to take this journey of self discovery with. And, should it become something more, I would be happy for them as well. Skye and I went to visit our quadmates, to...
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    From the smoking ruins

    A month later, Skye had her first official date with Crush, instead of just masses of texts and phone calls, and doing overnights at his place. It was very intense, and secret, a lot of the time. The only requirement I had was to know when they became sexual active (the first date pretty...
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    From the smoking ruins

    Here I am, sitting and looking over the ruins of a quad, a family, a marriage. How did this happen? How did we get here? Should we be a feature on Jerry Springer? Originally, I was going to write a complete history of Skye and I, and while I am going to finish it since it’s close to done...
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    Converting from lurker

    Meh. The violent stage already came and went. Working on the blog post. It's going to be a long one, though I hope to make sure it's unbiased as possible and not too confusing.
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    Converting from lurker

    When you were a kid, did you experience playing a game with friends in which one friend keeps changing the rules over and over?
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    Converting from lurker

    Thanks Kevin, much appreciated. I'm considering doing a blog thread to explain it all. As one can imagine, it's complicated. Plans are... Murky. We've run into each other not being on the same page even when we thought we were, and then dealing with the drama that ensued.
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    Converting from lurker

    It's been a good while since any of us have posted, but, with good reason. in a nutshell, things have been crazy, and, sadly, the whole thing as exploded in a very spectacular fashion, with several parts still smoking or on fire. (sigh)
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    Need advice, husband is in love with my best friend

    Very interesting thread, with a lot of good advice to think on.
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    No longer the unicorn

    Hilfiger and Mudpuppy?
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    Brand-Spankin-New! Questions and such

    To echo the other two, yes, it certainly can work, and it sounds like the three of you are off to a great start already.
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    New in every sense of the word!