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    Poly music

    I just thought of a very old school song about Poly. Torn Between Two Lovers... I believe it's Mary Macgregor. I remember hearing it when I was just a kid. Didn't realize it was about Poly.
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    Poly music

    Thought I'd throw these two in... Fashionable People Questionable Things Joel Plaskett Man of Two Minds The Trews
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    Children and Polyamory: Merged Threads, General Discussion

    The child that doesn't know My partners and I had an interesting discussion about children today. Our children range from ages 21-29, six children in total. All but one of our children are aware and accepting of our poly relationship. In all honesty it is our youngest, and my son who doesn't...
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    What if?

    Do you accept them as truth or no that they're not
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    need some encouragement.

    Hi and welcome to forum. You should be able to find great advice here. Our V finds going out in public together very doable. I can't remember a time we didn't go out in public together. We have gone on weekend adventures, vacation, shopping, dinner. We have attended weddings, funerals, and...
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    What if?

    Do you regret thoughts spoken aloud, and words you can't take back ?
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    What if?

    Echoes with a feeling, you long thought forgotten
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    poly or swinging

    Do you feel this one encounter is indicative of how swingers generally behave? ~Raven~ I'm sorry if I was unclear. I do not feel that all swingers behave this way. I was giving a specific example of these couples. Not all the couples we met were condescending and rude. But over two nights...
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    poly or swinging

    If I could just interject my opinion here, and take it for what it's worth. I had an opportunity this summer to meet my partners swinging "friends". If putting it parenthisis makes it seem saracastic, I meant it too. I have never been in any relationship except a mono. One woman, one man...
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    Cute Letter

    OMG. I love it. How many times have we had people pointing fingers and whispering. If we had that letter, it would be so much easier. Drop it down in front of them, and move on. Reminds me of the application "Do you really want to date my daughter?"
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    Relationships without prescriptions

    I am in total agreement with you here. I know there have been times in our relationship where issues have arisen between Sea and Tommy that had nothing to do with me. From an outsiders perspective, it could be said if I wasn't there, those issues would be moot. I have been a sounding board for...
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    I can say with 100% honesty that we are a true poly family. We have 6 adult children, and one grandbaby. We don't all share the same blood, but are definitely one family. We have been there for each other. Weddings, babies, death. We share each other's lives good and bad. When one of our...
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    Some Things Not To Do

    I agree with Ceoli, poly does seem to be an umbrella term. I think we sometimes feel the need to label ourselves so others will understand our choices. I don't identify as anything except who I am. A woman searching for the same things everyone else is searching for. Love, understanding, and...
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    Our Poly Story

    Welcome. You should find lots of different dynamics here on the forum, and many insights. Enjoy.
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    Invited husband and lover to forums

    Have definitely been there. When we started out... it was a swinging thing. My sort of partner at the time had been friends with my partners before I was. Because I wanted to be part of Sea and Tommy's life, I thought, this is great, we all get to be together. Problem was, he wasn't honest...
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    "What does a single gal like me get out of dating a married man like you?"

    What this single gal is not only offered but given I'm not a unicorn, just one side of our V. I am offered and given so much in our relationship. If I was younger, would I want to be in a poly relationship? Probably not. I have a 23 year old daughter, and wouldn't want her to have to share...
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    today is the day

    How wonderfully exciting for you. It must be like your birthday and Christmas all rolled into one day. I hope it all goes well.:)
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    Wife's boyfriend is ready!

    Welcome to the forum. You should find many people here in similar situations. I just wanted to add what Sea posted. It sounds like you are very aware of the pitfalls, and what might arise, and are willing to try to make it work. Not just for your wife, and her b/f, but yourself as well...
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    New Here

    Welcome. Sounds like you and our love Tommy already have alot in common. It will be nice to hear some of your experiences.
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    You touched my heart with your post. Don't think what you've had to say is falling on deaf ears. It's not. I feel every word. You have the courage to say what others don't. The forum was supposed to be a way to connect, and in many way it has been, but, at the same time, I'm almost afraid...