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    Thank you for the wonderful response to my post. It was exactly what I wanted to hear. I'm happy...

    Thank you for the wonderful response to my post. It was exactly what I wanted to hear. I'm happy to have connected with you!!
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    NRE feels different this time

    I've read so many articles about how to handle NRE. How to wait for it to pass and to keep maintaining your current partnerships. I've seen it come and go in the past but this time feels different. I think I've been doing a pretty good job of it but I'm still struggling and I don't know if I'm...
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    partner went to an orgy without me on vday

    I don’t even consider myself sentimental but for some reason, Vday is still a big deal to me when I’m in a relationship. Maybe it’s how I grew up. I always saw my dad make an extra effort for my mom every Valentine’s day and he still sends me something sweet too. I think there’s something truly...
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    Not wanting to have sex with my partner

    So my partner and I have been together for over two years now and the chemistry and sexual excitement has been fading for a bit. Sometimes it's nice that we are in an open relationship because we can both be excited about sex with other people and sometimes it makes us more excited to be with...
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    Is this cheating and where do I go from here?

    Thanks Emmy, I've decided that I don't want to completely move on yet because I feel there is still more for me to learn in this situation. I'm curious my part in it and why I continue to repeat these patterns in my life. I do agree that he is not being ethical and I want to know how to talk to...
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    Is this cheating and where do I go from here?

    So many of you probably have read my other posts and know my history of struggling with my partner's choices in how he pursues other women and who these other women are. A month ago, I posted about him taking on a female webcam partner and my concerns about not really knowing her, how much...
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    How do we deal with differing needs?

    P.S. As far as the privacy goes, I think the only person he really wants privacy from is me due to not trusting in my reactions and disapproving of them.
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    How do we deal with differing needs?

    Thank you KC43 Thank you so much for the advice and helpful questions. I really resonate with this: "sometimes I start problems--not deliberately, and sometimes not even consciously, but as a side effect of whatever nastiness is going on in my brain." I definitely do that too and it's something...
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    How do we deal with differing needs?

    Hey everyone, I always appreciate all the sound advice from experienced and supportive poly people. I find myself looking at these forums all the time when I'm feeling stuck- which I am right now with my primary partner. So here's the very short version: We've been together nearly 2 years...
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    Legitimate concerns about partner's FWB interest

    Hello all, I tried to look through old threads as I thought this would be a relatively common issue but I didn't find any recent ones. My partner and I are at an impasse about his FWB interest Steph. We met her together as a couple about 6 months ago with her boyfriend and we had a nice swap...
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    feeling ignored during threesome

    reply to poly in practice Maybe you're right in that's how threesomes should be. I think I differ in my philosophy that it should be about all three people involved not just the new person. But maybe my partner feels like you do, that would be a good discussion to have with him! I don't think...
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    feeling ignored during threesome

    reply Hi Sue, thank you for the response. I feel the same way, in all the other sexual encounters I've been in, attention has been for the most part equal amongst everyone participating. That's why this one threw me off because it felt so unbalanced (mostly just at the end). I feel like I gave...
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    feeling ignored during threesome

    Hello everyone! I am a cis-gendered heteroflexible woman in a primary relationship with a cis-gendered heteroflexible man. We live together, are committed to each other and we've been together for a little over a year and a half. We have had our bumps in the road as we discover what works for...