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    Best Poly Memoir Ever?

    I’m sorry to come across that way. I’m just excited about it, and I guess I didn’t realize that I was overdoing it. I just went back and reviewed my activity, because your message gave me a shock of embarrassment. I posted about the book twice across 14 days, posted about an upcoming event once...
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    Best Poly Memoir Ever?

    So many polyamory memoirs are about just the first year— the drama and jealousy of opening up, the mistakes and heartbreak that come from trying to break out of the monogamous model. This new memoir has some of that, but it really focuses on the good stuff that comes AFTER all that! The life we...
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    NYC; 11/8, 7pm: Poly book reading in East Village

    A night of sex-positive, poly-positive, queer-positive literature and drinksIf you’re going to be in NYC on November 8, my partner (Alex Alberto; IG- @thatalexalberto and @quiltedpress) will be headlining an event at Niagara Bar (112 Ave A). They’ll be reading from Entwined: Essays on Polyamory...
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    Great new polyamory book (memoir)

    Thanks Kevin! I’m glad you enjoyed the article. If you’re on IG, @thatalexalberto and @quiltedpress have videos of Alex reading some of their stories at a live show! Don
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    Great new polyamory book (memoir)

    Here’s a link to a HuffPost article Alex wrote!
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    Platonic Polyamory: Exploring a Unique Relationship Style

    There’s a great essay called “Fragments for my metamour” in Entwined: Essays on Polyamory and Creating Home that describes the development of this type of relationship, and how it differs from traditional conceptions of friendship or romance (and questions that binary).
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    Poly Vignettes: Sharing Success & Happiness

    Yes! Successful poly stories are so crucial! To have something to look forward to, or reach for. Lessons learned are great, but positive stories give us the hope -and models of success-we need.
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    Great new polyamory book (memoir)

    Hey everyone, This is my first time posting, but I’ve been poly for 8 years, and it has been the best 8 years of my life. When I was first starting out, I wished that there were more stories, books, shows, and movies about happy, healthy polyamorous people. It seemed like most books were...