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  1. FriendlyMonoDemi

    Looking forward to a friend....

    I'm sort of in a similar situation, where my bf of two years has recently identified as poly and we're discussing him having other relationships in the future...I'd love to talk to you all
  2. FriendlyMonoDemi

    Personal Summaries

    Hi everyone! I accidentally made a new thread to introduce myself, but I'm gonna try again in the right place lol. You can refer to me by my username or by B, I'm not quite ready to give my name out yet. I'm 21 and a monogamous (mono-amorous?), demiromantic, and demisexual. So why am I here...
  3. FriendlyMonoDemi

    Introduction -- looking for a community

    Just saw the thread about personal introductions... 😅 I read forums but haven't necessarily posted in one before. I guess that's not too bad as a first mistake.
  4. FriendlyMonoDemi

    Introduction -- looking for a community

    Hello all! I've been browsing through these forums for a while and I thought it was finally time to make an account. I'm a socially nervous person so I'll try not to be too awkward lol. I'm a monogamous demisexual woman in a strong and committed relationship with a polyamorous man. My partner...