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    Guru falls

    Mod Note As previously mentioned by Emm and as written in the first line of the forum guidelines, there is a responsibility for people to be considerate to each other. As regards privacy and presumptions of anonymity, everyone has access to the warnings and information before and upon...
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    Guru falls

    MOD note Given that this is a fairly charged subject and emotions may be running high, I will remind everyone to pay attention to the guidelines and remain civil with each other in your discussions on this topic. For those who have just arrived, I will offer a preliminary heads up that this...
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    Bi gf wants to open up for her to be with girls

    MOD note Ok folks, this one has gone far enough. There has been a lot of ass-hattery on this thread and is entirely not in line with the forum guidelines. If there isn't a course correction right quick, I will infract almost every post after #79. Behaving in a passive-aggressive manner and then...
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    Poll: "I am non-white"

    Admin Note: moved to a more suitable section for off-topic discussions.
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    User Guidelines

    Forum Infractions Table For anyone who is curious, the infraction table has been added to the FAQ section and can be found here:
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    Diversity in polyamory: why hasn't it worked?

    We all sometimes need to learn to live with disappointment.'s not the topic at hand.
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    It seems you two might have to take this argument to PM's and hug it out. People can read source posts for themselves here... so it isn't necessary to add spin. There's also a difference between hammering an inanimate object, and poking at people, especially as it concerns the guidelines.
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    What Does Everyone Think of a Poly LGBTQ Space Here?

    Admin note Because this has come up elsewhere, I will re-iterate the official position at the moment as regards this idea of a separate space for particular identities. This forum is built on the idea that anyone should be able to come in and talk about poly related subjects, with other poly...
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    Admin note!!! Ok, since this is going dangerously close to doxxing territory, let's end it right here. Owner and Authorities Olivier is the owner of the board, and he has a life that he manages quite well, and is no one's business to be digging around in! If he chooses to divulge anything...
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    What Does Everyone Think of a Poly LGBTQ Space Here?

    "Many" is just a word, and the statement is simply an individual expressing their view... which is what this forum is for! Be wary of trying to subvert language in order to manipulate the discussion.
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    Was in open relationship, now considering poly

    Welcome to the Forum! I'm sure folks will do their best to offer their best recommendations to let you find your way. New relationship energy (NRE) can be a powerful force... and there's a wisdom in not making any major/permanent decisions under it's influence. Delaying matrimony may be...
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    Calgary poly - friendships!

    There's still an active Polyamory Calgary group on FB. It's a secret group for privacy with a public facing page at for contact information. Again, for privacy they look for people to attend an event before getting access to the FB group...
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    New and undecided journey

    Accidental Ban reversed, and dupe account merged. Thanks for your patience BouncingBetty, and apologies for the inconvenience.
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    Using same pet name for all girlfriends

    You can turn down the sarcasm metre here a touch, and keep in mind the OP is new to Poly and the Forum. Try to keep some civility, compassion and save the smugness for a more appropriate venue.
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    Influx of porn gifs and scammers

    Mods aren't gone, but we are short. Apologies if the dozen or so that got through the filters appears to be an increase, but please understand that the automated filters to reduce spam isn't perfect, but it does catch a LOT. There's also the annual surge going on... usually at New Years, for a...
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    POLYCON - CANADA 11-13 Nov 2016

    For anyone wanting to tune into POLYCON CANADA 2016, you can access the Livestreams of some panels today at CPAA's youtube channel
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    POLYCON - CANADA 11-13 Nov 2016

    VIRTUALLY CONNECTED NATIONWIDE PolyCon Canada 2016 - Nov 11- 13 Victoria #PolyConCanYYJ Will feature LIVE STREAMING of workshops sessions, youtube clips Local group hosted events, pub meets and discussion groups. Virtual Vendors Alley. You don't have to come out to be...out! Experience the...
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    My blog

    Relationships are about more than just ourselves. Sometimes it doesn't matter what we do, or don't do. It's a hard truth to learn that occasionally we have no real control over how things will turn out. It doesn't make it a failure... nor does a relationship failing mean anything about us. You...
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    My blog

    Glad to hear there's still some interest in working on the relationship for both of you. I'm sorry that you've been having a rough time... and hope that this glimmer of hope sees you through to something better. Hugz
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    Undid all the undoing. These are long overdue.