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    Ne pa... Pa, ny, nj??

    Hi, I’m a 36f in a quad relationship. We just opened our relationship up to the possibility of us dating other people. I’ve been married for 13yrs. I also have a bf of 6mo. I would love to find a gf...(me & mine recently split)... but I am open to any possibility. I would love to even just...
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    Young couple married 6 years going strong no kids yet. NJ, PA, NY looking for a 3rd

    Hi.. I sent you a private message. I’m in NE PA..
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    Poly Lessons We've Learned

    Any other wisdom? Redpepper, Reading this thread tonight has been so extremely helpful. It’s been a few years though, so I was wondering if there was anything you would like to add after all this time? Anything else you have learned over time?
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    Looking for a mentor in a similar quad relationship

    Hi, Recently my husband and I have embarked on a journey with another married couple. Both couples have kids, & both have been married for over 13 years. We’ve known this other couple for 3.5yrs. We’ve been close since the very begining. Up until a month ago we were hanging out weekly for...