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    New to poly

    Howdy and welcome from Texas. This is an open group. Ask questions and jump in with your input.
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    Hey friends!

    Welcome from TX. I am a hinge. Many challenges but I would not change a thing.
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    Bounderies crossed - advice sought

    I see no issues with your requests. You are not the one that violated the agreement. A good sit down with all would be my first step.
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    Help! My partner feels I cheated on them?

    Was it an agreement or a mandate from him. Two different issues.
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    Welcome. Baggage- we all have some. Discuss what you are comfortable with. Don’t be pushed beyond that. This is a great group that does care. Jump in and enjoy.
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    Married couple from B.C

    Howdy and welcome. This is a great group. Jump in and participate.
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    New...I Have Questions

    Howdy and welcome. Jump in and participate.
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    Howdy and welcome to the group. Enjoy your exploration.
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    For me, I am out of the loop on social media. When I read discord, I had to look it up. Never heard of it. I just keep in my shell and get on here. No Facebook, no discord, etc. just a nice quiet 😄
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    It frustrates me that I might never find a boyfriend?

    I am sorry you are having difficulty. My wife has been searching for a year and a half. She found a keeper, then he got transferred 800 miles. She gets discouraged..sometimes she thinks about just giving it up. I am glad she keeps trying. There are positive folks out there.
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    Australian woman wanting to know other poly people

    You mean ethical non monogamy. Placement of that non makes a difference. 😉.
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    Australian woman wanting to know other poly people

    Welcome. Sorry to hear what you have experienced. We all have ideas, but, we are not experts. Ask away and folks will jump in. You will find some good counsel here. Regards.
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    New, and curious in TX

    Howdy from Corsicana area. Spouse and I were raised in the same venue as yourself. The book “Divine Sex” by philo Thelos is a good read for folks like us. Feel free to holler.
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    to be in a Closed Trio Fluid bond or not ?

    Test for all, then share the results. If one needs to test, all should.
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    Welcome. It’s great to hear of your success. Jump in a participate here. Good folks and good information. Best wishes.
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    Vagina Size

    While I have no issues sharing thing with wife or gf, I don’t. It is an issue of respect for each one. I do my best to No make comparisons. Each relationship is independent. In the same manner my partners need not to compare themselves to the other.
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    Struggling after suicide introduction

    You are the most important person right now. I understand the move toward dissatisfaction in the LS. I observed that many time. Trying to figure out motivations is difficult. Most of us have one or two people we can spill our guts to. Look at the people in your life. Evaluate them to see if...
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    newbie here

    Howdy from TX. Sit back and enjoy the group.
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    Back again

    Excellent. Tidbits like this are great for all of us to hear. Thanks
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    Greetings from South Africa

    Howdy. Welcome to the group and jump on in. Poly takes its share of work but eventually it is awesome.