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    Asking just incase I have over looked anything.

    Sounds like you've got the bases covered (the future thing I tend to leave to the "if you don't express this future need/desire, I can't be expected to anticipate it" bin). The only thing I would add is that if later they get weird, has emotions you don't anticipate, expectations you didn't...
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    It sounds like this thing blew up pretty fast, and I don't feel like there's really enough context to do much more than speculate on most of the things you brought up in your post. However, I would like to say a quick thing about knee-jerk reactions. People are emotional beings, we are not...
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    Super new and not sure what to do!

    Hey Happygirl, welcome to! I hope you'll find people here supporting and lovely, I certainly have. If you're new to poly, I'd encourage you to do some research on poly and the different ways of managing it, there's so many people who have been in your exact situation, who have...
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    New to this and new to the forum

    @Multicolouredcake: aaw : ) If you just replied to a thread and didn't create your own, I'd encourage you to make your own thread, provide some context + history, and see what people have to say. Maybe it will not be helpful, but I think likely something useful can be gleamed from the posts that...
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    Autism and Polyamory

    This may not be the response you're looking for, but I think it's very worthwhile to look for a lawyer to has experience dealing with polamory and non-traditional marriages/custody battles. They can do more for you than anybody on this forum can. Regardless of whatever arguments we all can come...
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    New to this and new to the forum

    Welcome to the forum! I think I may have replied to your other post. Hopefully you'll find my and other people's responses useful in some way. The people here have been really supportive and insightful to me in the past, hope you find the same : )
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    Wonderful relationship, persistent problems

    Background: I'm in a wonderful relationship where I mostly find myself incredibly happy with things. She is crazy smart, outgoing, an excellent communicator, and about as compatible as anybody could be with me. We never run out of things to talk about or things to try. We're having some...
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    Do you guys know what this means

    More context please?
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    Damaging behaviours dating vulnerability and wanting polyamory

    There is a constant battle between wanting temporary sexual/romantic moments between you and others, and wanting a longer and more serious relationships with people. It doesn't have to be a battle, but it doesn't make it easier when it's clearly manifested as such in your dating life. It sounds...
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    Dating again...too soon?

    There's a lot of things going on here, so I'll kinda respond to them in sections, hopefully you find something useful in some or all of them: Your partner coming out as poly - Yay! (for them), for you this is probably way more of a struggle than a reward. I'd encourage you to check out the site...