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    Tips on overcoming bad feelings about partner's new relationship

    This is my second post here and it feels a lot better since then. A short overview: my wife started a new relationship and I've struggled so hard with this. We always had a polyamorous relationship, but it never happened for real. So we were actually almost a monogamous couple for almost 6...
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    How to deal with the fear of what could happen?

    Fist of all, thank you so much for all your answers! It's very important to hear that! I'm glad that I found this forum. To correct my first phrase: I wanted to say that I've never had a monogamous relationship, but I typed it wrong on the first topic. Just to answer the MeeraReed's question...
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    How to deal with the fear of what could happen?

    Hi there, I've never had polyamorous relationships, but now I feel like I am in a completely new situation. My current relationship is a long-term relationship and we have built a house and a life together. We agreed that we were not monogamous, but for almost five years we never had a real...