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    Mandatory post is MANDATORY!

    It took me a while to write this all out, because I wanted to be sure I phrased everything Just So. Sorry for the delay. I feel like I should point out that a person doesn't need to use slang or curse words to be aggressive and insulting. Personally, I found the way you talked to me to be...
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    Word Association Game!

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    Pet Peeves

    Cocktail waitresses who only understand how to serve drinks. FOOD GETS COLD. YOU NEED TO COME WHEN WE CALL YOU! :mad:
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    Yeah, I'm gonna hop on this I LOVE THE DIVA party train here. For me, the best part about it is that I am NOT a Moon Goddess type (and I hope you all know I say that with tongue-in-cheek love). I'm not intimately in tune with my periods, and they're more of an obnoxious pest than a beautiful...
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    Mandatory post is MANDATORY!

    Lulz. I know. :) And I think thus far I've done a decent job. One of my current personal projects involved the use of 'I Lanugage' and using concrete examples of WHY I feel the way I feel and all that touchy feely jazz. I guess what I'm trying to say is that while I do that...I might suppliment...
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    Worrying about my new girlfriend

    Well, I personally can't blame her for wanting to be somebody's primary. The desire to feel wanted, needed, and...well...PRIMARY in someone's life is a very basic one. Do you have any poly friends...?
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    She's backing out

    I feel like I probably should warn you... Tread carefully when it comes to friendship with her. Her wounds and your's (not to mention his) are still fresh and raw. She's already shown to have difficulties being open and honest in relationships. Is that the kind of friend you need right now...
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    Mandatory post is MANDATORY!

    I actually have one of his quotes, "Pain leads to cooking" tattooed onto my arm. The Kitchen is basically ALL I have.
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    So, Chicago?

    My husband and I are moving into Chicago proper from the southwest burbs in a few weeks. I'm in school in the city, and it's just easier and more pleasant. We aren't really active in the poly "scene" but we're always open to meeting new people and making new friends and connections.
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    Mandatory post is MANDATORY!

    Hi. I'm Strange. This is something I said elsewhere on the forum... And I would like to expound on that. I am an introvert with a lot of love to give. Kind of ironic...I love loving other people, but when it comes to my own personal rechange time, I would rather read a book for a bit or blog...
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    She's backing out

    I know I'm kind of late to the party, but for what it's worth, I'm really sorry that happened to you. I can see your pain and personal confusion and heartache in your post and I sympathise deeply. Lately, I worry that my story is going to go down the same road as your's... But, we can't let our...
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    Why do some polys approach monos?

    Thank you! Up until I saw your post, I was legitimately confused! I'm not poly as a 'lifestyle' per se. I don't actively seek new relationships. I just kind of...fall in love. And then the people I love make me happy, and I make them happy, and we're all happy until we aren't anymore. Then we...
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    Wow. She really hates me.

    The idea that someone could be unlovable is personally offensive to me. No matter how much I currently dislike this girl, or anyone else for that matter, that does NOT mean that they are undeserving of love. I think that the idea of withholding love from someone until they live up to standards...
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    New to Polyamory, Uncertain, and Jealous.

    Hey Rick...? Speaking as the wife in this picture, and as someone intimately aware of what was said here (for obvious reasons), I feel like you glossed over a lot of what my husband had to say. Most of it, actually. I feel like you saw the words 'uncertain' and 'jealous' and responded from...
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    Wow. She really hates me.

    I am a married female, and have been poly my entire life. I don't LIKE people. I really don't. I never JUST LIKE anyone. I either love them, dislike them, or don't care. Sometimes it feels like I'm going to boil over from the love I have in me. Sometimes I cry because I can't tell my...
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    Confident Persona After Being Insecure; is it Possible?

    Well, by that standard, nobody can be a secondary. Like I said, everyone feels insecure sometimes. It's a natural and normal feeling. I feel like sometimes the poly community puts a lot of pressure on us to ignore/repress/forget about our natural human emotions, rather than confronting them and...
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    This is really the best thing that has been said so far. Quite frankly, there's no point in trying to convince anti-poly people of anything (not the safety of our relationships, and not their validity) with facts and statistics. Haters gonna hate. Instead, we all, as individuals, as partners...
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    Confident Persona After Being Insecure; is it Possible?

    You know, to feel insecure is quite natural and normal. Those are feelings everyone deals with, even outside of romantic relationships. The problem here, in my opinion, is not your feelings. You probably have good reasons for feeling the way you do. The problem (again, in my opinion) is what...