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    Back again

    I joined here almost 13 years ago when I was dealing with a bit of confusion in my life where I learned I was able to live more than one woman. Fast forward 6 months from that... It did not work and created too much conflict in my marriage so my wife and I cut off that relationship. Fast...
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    Full Quad Dating

    I am in a Quad that has been evolving for over two years with many of the same agreements that you have, while others we have moved beyond in the course of that time. For example, we used to only engage in "same room" sex, but we have all found a balance of same room and separate room sex. We...
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    Thanks to everyone for the welcome.
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    LOL - thanks. Of course I used to say I could not love my wife more than I do knowing full well that I will love her even more the very next day :)
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    Hi all. I have been lurking here for a couple weeks and thought it was time to say "Hi". I am just here to sort out my feelings and I enjoy and appreciate other people's sharing of their stories.