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    Any folxs in Eugene, OR area?

    Call me Ren 20 within a few miles of Eugene/Springfield area open to anything I am a student, I work a lot, I like people, I am bisexual
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    Any folxs in Eugene, OR area?

    Just looking to create connections with anyone to the west of Bend. Introduce yourself regardless of if you are looking for friendship or otherwise. What to call you Age Where you live what you are looking for Anything else you feel we should know
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    Random question that came up-Backgrounds checks

    So is it weird to ask for a background check before you get serious with someone There is an origin to this question. I went on a date with this woman. Very chill but we ended up talking about my job. When we got to the part where I told her that I got a background check every year when I got...
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    I used to dream a silly dream-Oregon-F-20 yrs old

    It's funny, I am a caregiver at heart. It's what I do. What I have always done. From before I can remember my concern has always been for others but for awhile I let myself dream a silly dream. A dream where my plans were also about caring for me. My needs and wants. I have always planned to...