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    Baby mama won't let partner see child post divorce, but ex wife and step mom can

    So I am in a messy situation and I am not sure what to do anymore. The relationships are polyamorous but that's mostly just tangentially relevant in all this. The cast; - Lake (32nb) - Me (26m), partner to Lake for 3 years - Alexa - Ex Wife & Step Mom (28f), partner to Lake for 9 years up until...
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    Feeling neglected

    Hey, so me and my partner Jason have been dating for over two years now. At the moment we are in a long-distance relationship. He plans to move out to me in a month. He has been struggling with his mental health quite a bit lately. This is not a particularly new struggle. However it is...
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    Disentanglment; step 1

    Read this today and wanted to share
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    Navigating a friendship

    So a few (3) months ago me and my ex girlfriend (Sarah) broke up. It was mostly mutual and when we parted ways we both expressed a desire for friendship. Since the break up we have has a few sporadic but neutral or positive interactions. This past week she asked me to lunch but then failed...
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    Is Poly still right for me?

    Recently there have been some major changes in my life. Over the past month me and my girlfriend have broken up. I do ultimately believe that it was for the best but it's still a but painful as the loss of that relationship is fresh. We had been together for about a year and a half. I am...
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    Transitioning a Relationship

    Hello, So this past weekend my girlfriend broke up with me for reasons that were mostly external. We talked about it and decided that it ment alot to both of us to remain friends. We spoke about perhaps developing a lovers/play partners/Friends who did things- something more casual than the...
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    Repairing Trust

    So last night something happened. My boyfriend Jason spontaneously went over to an old casual partners house without telling me about it and fucked her. Then proceed to lie to me about it. As of yesterday morning he had not seen her in weeks. Has not been intimate with her in months. And had...
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    Helping Partner though breakups

    Recently my boyfriend has gone through a breakup. Two months ago his girlfriend of four years broke up with him. They were had always been LDR. They saw each other for a while and then said goodbye. Two days after the last time they saw each other she broke up with him via Skype. He is still...
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    Change in Primary Language

    My boyfriend and his Partner recently made the decision to no longer use the term "Primary" with one another. She brought this up with him and said that he and I were acting as Primarys and that it had turned more into a co-primary situation. She was not sure this was what she wanted and she...
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    Jealousy and change

    I have not dealt too much with feeling jealousy but recently I think that may be what I am experiencing. In the past when I have felt insecure it has manifested in more sadness or self worth issues than issues with a metamour or potential metamour. I first tried to write this post leaving out...
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    I dont think she's happy being polly

    Hello, I have posted on here before. Right now my primary, Liz and I are long distance, but will be reunited in about 2 weeks. I am currently seeing someone, Jason, whom will be leaving for 8 months in 3 weeks. I have been seeing Jason for about a month and a bit. I have been with Liz for 3.5...
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    Primary asked for a break

    Hello, My primary, Liz, has asked me to take a break from being physical with other people for a while so she can adjust to the current situation that is our relationship. Even though we have been poly for a while now, she has recently had trouble accepting the fact that I am involved with...
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    Fun Poly Research Test

    I was bored and I am actually curious about the results so I made my own quiz based off of the one in the other thread. Its done with Google so everyone can see the responses and it can be easy to change if you guys have suggestions...
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    Jealous Metamour?

    So I know that this is not a kink-poly board but as my question is more relationship based I thought I would give it a shot. So I met this guy, Dan, thru the local kick community. We started talking online and were flirting and getting to know each other. Around the same time he also met the...
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    Envy and Communication

    Hi me and my partner Elizabeth are relatively new to polly. She has had crushes, but has yet to meet someone. I on the other hand have been seeing this guy Ian for about a month. This has been fine. Elizabeth doesn't want details -- just a "I went out with X and had fun"... So that has been...
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    Help! New to Polly

    Hello, Me and my partner Elizabeth have been together for 3 years. We have been in an open/poly relationship for the past 10 months, although we began talking about opening our relationship before then. Since we opened our relationship, Elizabeth has had about 4 or 5 different crushes, but...