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  1. MissAlly

    Sports Fans?

    Im not into any traditional sports, but I love ESports! Also know as professional video games.
  2. MissAlly

    Going to Pakistan

    After reading, all I have to say is where the kids stand in all this? From what you wrote it seems like they aren't even a consideration.
  3. MissAlly


    That little thing! I have run and designed a lot of forums in the past. So I know how extremely vital greeters are to forums.
  4. MissAlly


    No worries I'm an open person so any questions are fine. As for my relationships now not currently. Thanks for the welcome! I hope you got an official greeting badge for it!
  5. MissAlly

    Any good idea to stay connected in a long distance relationship?

    If you have internet you can always Skype. I use to watch videos with my partners. It's makes for a nice date night. I used to date someone from Belgium and it was a 6 hour difference and I know it's not the easiest, but it's possible if both are mature and willing to make time.
  6. MissAlly

    Upstate New York Anyone?

    Omg I live in Canajoharie! I am so used to never finding anyone near me.
  7. MissAlly


    Thank you! Nice to meet yourself as well.
  8. MissAlly


    Greatings! I am Miss Ally. I am rather new to polyamory, but an interested in learning and talking with others. I was recently turned onto polyamory by an ex of mine who was poly their self. Long story short on that was their long time best friend confessed feelings for her and refused to...