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    what am i missing

    Just sitting here at dennys sunday night alone as usual just wondering what life is about been doing this poly thing for almost a year now been trying over and over with two guys now ups and downs but still it gets so confusing never can they make up their minds just when i think i get things...
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    What are the benefits to being in a poly relationship?

    is poly worth it I keep praying to find my poly situation so far no such lucky each time i think its possible something happens to mess things up but i keep being positive and learning is it worth it to me yes i think so in the long run i am hopeful that some day i can attend a poly meeting...
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    very nice like the camp out and the relationship ones great pics thanks for sharing

    very nice like the camp out and the relationship ones great pics thanks for sharing
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    Facebook Friends

    facebook friends i love facebook i dont play farmville or that sort but its a nice place to keep up with current events with famiily and now with my new poly family too so it will be interesting too see what happens i know some have had problems with facebook but so far i have not had a single...
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    Helen Fisher-anthropologist.

    i watched it very interesting video not sure if i agree but the part about never heard about the antidepressant part :D kymberleea:eek:
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    NRE (New Relationship Energy) - Merged Threads, General Discussion

    it works if its honest thanks for the good reading boy am i getting one heck of an education. The one thing i found in the one relationship I thought was poly was when i brought a new guy ii was always honest in telling him about my other, but he was not honest with his new girl stating that...
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    Discussion on Forum Sociology and Interpersonal Dynamics

    i love how its open and honest i know i am new to all this and maybe i am totaly off wack to this but to me different strokes for different folks and even poly is different and theres bound to be different ways of doing it even here but i just love the saying "When speaking of various forms...
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    yes i sure would

    yes i sure would
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    Facebook Friends

    facebook I am on facebook i talk to family and friends on there who dont know most of my other life most dont accept me for who i am now they wont accept my separation nor our divorce even though its been a year they are not accepting but a few of my poly friends are on my facebook we talk...
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    Personal Summaries

    New here I am new here right now live in two places 4 or 5 days a week live in paradise lakes with a friend who lets me live with him to save money (free electric) most of the time i live in port richey we have an open relationship i he is a wonderful dear friend but he has other friends i am...