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    Hey. (Sock Puppet Trolling Thread - Closed)

    Opalescent....You voiced what I was thinking exactly. This has classic troll written all over it. No way would someone who actually wanted to learn anything come here and maintain such a stance with no attempt to learn anything.
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    Mark in Ark

    Arkansas is like the rest of the Bible belt... there are a lot more people who stay closeted there. However, there are quite a few poly peeps in that state, if OkCupid is any kind of accurate gauge. At this time, I am not aware of an active Arkansas poly group meet up...but that doesn't mean...
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    going through something similar I hear your anger and pain for your wife. My hubs recently had a split-up and the anger I felt was a real surprise to me. How dare this person not be as appreciative of my wonderful Hubby! I think this is a side of compersion that doesn't get talked about...
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    sometimes, we have to accept that we cannot help some times

    I appreciate this thread. It has been something I have had to realize for myself to. It is hard to stand by and watch others make decisions that seem to be ripe with potential drama and damage. Finding a balance between just being supportive and the desire to ride to the rescue is a challenge...
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    Mourning breakups that aren't mine

    Thanks JaneQ. We are all readjusting. I expect this will just take time. Sadly, Hubby is clinging so tightly to me right now that I just have to breathe my way through it. I have to remind myself that if he chooses not to put his heart out there again that it is his choice, not mine. He really...
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    Mourning breakups that aren't mine

    I suspect this may have been brought up here before...just call me lazy for not doing a search...I can take it. My hubs and his gal broke up early last week. (Logically, I could see how it might have been coming since she identifies as mono and wasn't comfortable talking issues out). I find...
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    I just read your comments in a thread and wanted to let you know that you are not the only gal...

    I just read your comments in a thread and wanted to let you know that you are not the only gal here that is married but completely uninterested in getting involved with another man. I don't often speak up in threads and certainly didn't have any desire to see a war start about OPP so I have...
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    Hello - from the 1st wife aka Original

    Good for you for being proactive! Be prepared for his being resistant to letting her go. She is apparently already very possessive and manipulating. This is not going to be easy...but you know that. One of the worst detriments to poly (in my over inflated personal opinion) is people who proudly...
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    Polyamory Vs "Walking Marriages"

    Thanks for sharing this. It is very interesting.
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    Is it worth it?

    The first and most important thing is for you to feel safe and comfortable in your own skin. For most of us, that part is an ongoing journey. Look at it this way...if you can't be completely honest with yourself and the others in your life then you would be setting yourself up for some serious...
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    Hello - from the 1st wife aka Original

    There is a ton of reading available to you here. Welcome and I hope that you find the answers you seek. I think the first requirement you will need to make this work is to heal the wounds already present from hubbys past cheating. That will require both of you being willing to do the work and...
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    Tats & Piercings?

    I totally understand the ambivalence around getting a new piercing! Tonberry..... You raised a great point about healing and fresh air. I had forgotten about that little detail. I am at home most of the time so had forgotten about running around topless....good point! What I do remember is that...
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    Tats & Piercings?

    My husband and I have both had our nipples pierced since early 2005. He has had beginning infections a few times over the years, I haven't. The healing time feels like forever because of where it is at.- I preferred to wear a bra almost 24/7 during the healing time as it reduced the chances of...
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    Just Came Out to My Mother

    Awesome Congratulations. It is always nice to have a non-drama when you disclose something so intimate. Wish I could be a fly on the wall when he talks about his intentions to your mother.... of course, I know neither party involved but my imagination can come up with some highly entertaining...
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    Hi and Stuff

    Welcome Welcome to this awesome site. I have learned a lot here and hope you will to. I checked out your blog and appreciated your style.
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    I feel... calm? Is that right?

    I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for sharing this experience. I wish I had gotten to read about such a thing before I got to experience it for myself. Thank you also for modeling so well thoughtfulness. You absolutely humble my inflated ego with how amazingly mature you 42...
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    New to the Forum

    Whoot, whoot! Welcome to this safe space! The people and conversations are amazing! I miss the front range in a big way. So cool to see someone here from my old home grounds.
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    Why Poly Gets A Bad Rap

    Well crap....that didn't go so well. Hey, We all make mistakes and I have made more than a few. My rant had to do with peeps who just see the term poly as an excuse to go out and get sex and justify it because they think they have this neat label that makes it P.C. for them to do so. I...
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    Why Poly Gets A Bad Rap

    Serious Rant, be forewarned Tripe. Nope, I don't agree with him at all. Poly gets a bad rap because so many people don't do their homework. Instead, they stumble onto this poly word and see a PC label they can flash while really just looking for some new strange to do the horizontal mamba with...
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    Married, confused, and very distraught

    I'd venture to add that finding a therapist would be an excellent idea...for yourself first to find out what is going on inside, then for the marriage. Living side by side with someone you try to avoid is a major red flag that there are some issues to be addressed. I hope you don't take offense...