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  1. ghost

    Attachment style quiz

    According to your questionnaire responses, your attachment-related anxiety score is 3.55, on a scale ranging from 1 (low anxiety) to 7 (high anxiety). Your attachment-related avoidance score is 2.78, on a scale ranging from 1 (low avoidance) to 7 (high avoidance). Not really surprised. :)
  2. ghost

    new to you.

    Welcome and good luck! =)
  3. ghost


    Greetings fellow Iowans! :D 31 hetero male, here (although I'll be 32 in just a bit...). I live on the NW part of the state - right on the edge of the Nebraska and South Dakota state lines. Not really sure if I'm mono or poly. On one hand, I've never thought of myself as poly, but then the...
  4. ghost

    Learning to cope

    Thanks! :D I've been trying to get around and absorb as much as I can; made a couple comments where I found something where I did have a bit of experience. Only been here a short while and I'm already finding my stay to be quite rewarding. :)
  5. ghost

    How to be Friends with an Ex

    First off, I want to say that I'm sorry you've had to go through all of this, ray. Keep working at it, though, and you'll see yourself through. It might not be the case with O, but I can say that things aren't always easy for the person who's decided that they can't be what their partner...
  6. ghost

    What you listening to Now :

    My cat stretched out on my lap, purring. :)
  7. ghost

    Why do you use the online name that you use?

    The usual name I've been using online for years was unavailable, so I decided to use this shortened form. Honestly surprised this name wasn't already taken. Most of the people I talk to online call me 'ghost' or 'ghostie' anyway, so it works as well as anything. :)
  8. ghost

    Learning to cope

    Hello, all. :) I'm a hetero, atheist male in my early 30's. I went to school for sociology, among other things, and work in residential treatment; essentially, a mental institute for teens. Until recently I've never been interested in poly relationships and, honestly, until the last few...