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    Secondary doesn't know about me (primary)...what to do

    He should have told her from the very first. It's just plain rude. If i were that girl, I would feel extremely hurt. It happened to me; I agreed to a casual relationship but I didn't find out for a while that the reason we were being casual and not official was because he had also started...
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    Communication problems

    My whole story is explained in the previous thread I posted, but I wanted to post another one about maybe what is making me insecure. I'll first start with saying that he used to text me all the time and would always chat with me on facebook and would frequently ask if we could hang out. At...
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    Early-stage V

    I feel like I'm in a similar situation as you, except I would be the other girl who wants an exclusive relationship and isn't keen on the other girl. of course, for me, I'd like to meet her(the other girl in what I guess is a V for us) just to see what she looks like and maybe get a first...
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    It sort of just evolved into this, and I'm trying not to hate it

    Thanks for the replies :-) My religion has been less important in my life recently, and that started before I even met him. Just to clear that up. :-) He is 22, which is only 3 years old than me. His birthday is a month after mine, so when we met I was 19 and he was 21. Not a big...
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    It sort of just evolved into this, and I'm trying not to hate it

    A 5-6 months ago I met this really awesome guy and we clicked immediately and it became obvious quickly that we liked each other. At first he really, really want to date me and to be boyfriend & girlfriend to be "official." I was extremely hesitant and kept saying no because I come from a...