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    Why and how did you get into poly?

    I was dating someone and about two months in she asked me if I was ok with an open relationship. I didn't really know what she meant but soon I learned all about polyamory and it made me rather jealous at first. The thing that switched me over was seeing how happy he made here when we hung...
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    Hubby Social Problem

    And I know i'm about to get flamed hard for this but what exactly is an OSO btw?
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    Hubby Social Problem

    I think I agree with both whisper and schrodingers cat. Hearing about how his problems has affected his social appeal from other people will probably help.
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    Hubby Social Problem

    I may be completely off base here but it honestly sounds like hes envious of the relationship you have with your OSO (btw if i get any of lingo on any of my posts wrong please correct me). As a temporary measure you may want to try limiting the interaction you have with your OSO around him. I...
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    Hi I'm ltmusicdude as I'm sure it says somewhere on this message. I just got on to this site and...

    Hi I'm ltmusicdude as I'm sure it says somewhere on this message. I just got on to this site and so far I haven't seen a post from you that didn't seem well thought out, logical, and effective. you seem like you know exactly what your talking about and I would love to be able to ask you...
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    Moment of self pity

    Hold on now people Ok so I definitely see where everyone is coming from where bringing up hurtful things might not be the best idea. But in my current relationship if R had something bad to say about me I would kind of want to know about it so I could address the issue. Flowerchild, it sounds...
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    Wasn't expecting this..

    So you mentioned something along the lines of you don't know what to say or what she might want to hear? You and her should both be able to sit down and talk about the entire issue completely without being afraid of each other's reaction. You personally should also probably meet with this guy at...
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    Odd situation

    He may not be quite so egotistical as everyone thinks, a teensy bit misogynistic perhaps. He's probably talked to her a bunch trying to figure out her jealousy and how to help it. When one is trying to do that with someone else they typically have to guess a bit at what the other person is...
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    Moment of self pity

    More info So what do you mean she thinks you're "useless"? I wouldn't be so worried about how attractive she thinks you are btw.