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  1. LovelyArianna

    Does dating a couple ever work out?

    I've been in poly V's a long time. I'm 36 about to be 37 and always been poly since my first sexual experience. I raised a daughter in an extended family (a V). Triads always scared me. I never found quite the match in our close quads. This is the first couple I have ever dated. And it was...
  2. LovelyArianna

    Date Ideas?

    The couple that is romancing me right now took me out for miniature golf. Well, ok, it also was a playground like thing for adult kids also, the golf, bumper cars, etc. Made us all feel like kids. Really fun and sweet. You may also try 'kid' things like roller skating. And how I met and...
  3. LovelyArianna

    Monogamy vs. Polyamory

    Quoting the article: "In the culture of monogamy, gender roles are more differentiated, with women more likely to devote their time to the tasks of motherhood and the men more likely to be the sole or main source of family income. The culture of polyamory is much more androgynous, its main focus...
  4. LovelyArianna

    My Intro and Questions

    I really agree with polytriad here and I will add, this feels forced to me. Poly is not a contract. Yes, we do have agreements, but honestly, your post sounded and felt like a business contract and one you were scared of at that. You have the energy of someone overwhelmed and thinking they...
  5. LovelyArianna

    New Lifestyle Emotions (NLE)

    Words, labels, not important. It's still a high. Milk it. :) Best wishes, glad to see life in the bible belt. Ari
  6. LovelyArianna

    New Lifestyle Emotions (NLE)

    I really didn't mean to hijack your thread. I'm excited for you. :)
  7. LovelyArianna

    New Lifestyle Emotions (NLE)

    You can still have new lifestyle emotions if you are not new to poly. It looks more and more like i am moving to a triad and possible quad from years of being a hinge of a V. It's a whole new dynamic and I was afraid of it for many years. it's pretty amazing stuff. Every day at a time...
  8. LovelyArianna

    Vegetarian recipes please

    Mushrooms ARE really great for meaty things. Yummy. Portabellos or baby bellas. I missed this for the holiday post started here but Field Roast brand makes a field roast that is basically a grain meat with a stuffing in the middle. I don't like the taste cuz it does taste a lot like turkey...
  9. LovelyArianna

    Quotes...plagarism encouraged!!

    Love will find a way ~ taken from Jurassic Park saying Life will find a way. But I'm sure someone somewhere said Love will find a way. Joy is the journey not the destination ~ Abraham-Hicks Follow your bliss ~ Joseph Campbell
  10. LovelyArianna

    There's a word for it?...

    Sure you can quote me. It came from my experience and how I think. I didn't quote it from anyone that I know of. If I did of anyone here I am sorry. Like minds then as they say. I would be honored to have it in your blog. :) Arianna
  11. LovelyArianna

    Polyamory = people with more integrity?

    I have seen a man in a leg of my V come to poly as an escape, wanting to justify his past fooling around. He thought he was poly and finally becoming responsible. I was fooled. Yes, I'm a vet poly and I was fooled, go figure. Sigh, Ari wanting to believe the best in people, as I met several of...
  12. LovelyArianna


    Yeah, the one that stings is that we just can move on from person to person or that we are always looking for someone, and that we can 'replace' people easily and that well, why would their leaving bother you, you are poly. wow, where do they get this stuff. I think outta their own fears. Ari
  13. LovelyArianna

    Too Young To Poly?

    My daughter is 17. She just came out to me as poly when we were talking about high school graduation and college etc. She said Mom, why are you surprised? You raised me to love people. I have known 2 fathers, my bio one and S as my uncle. I have loved them both. Because of how you lived...
  14. LovelyArianna

    There's a word for it?...

    Sound like you are listening to your inner guidance just great. Yes it is natural to love more than one person, and it feels great. If I didn't, I would be cheating on myself. :) Welcome. Ari
  15. LovelyArianna

    just a question Triad vs V

    Not to sound too complicated, but it's all so very personal, fluid and changing and expanding. Life's funny that way. :) I have been in several V's over the years, almost 20 years as a hinge. Close V's sometimes groups of us together, loving, playing. Sometimes they almost turning into triads...
  16. LovelyArianna

    Religious survey

    I'm a spiritual mutt. I don't fit into a category or label. There really aren't any words for it. To me everything is spiritual, I *am* Source. So is everyone else. Ari
  17. LovelyArianna

    my little poly dream might be coming true :)

    yummy yummy, I hope ya'll manifest it. ) I have dreams of similar living arrangements. Ari
  18. LovelyArianna

    Basic Quad??

    I'm with classycaveman. I don't give a rats ass about labels either. I have been in V's. And close V's that were more like quads. Mostly half a quad or so at most cuz only the women were bi. And then, not all of them at that. I have been in several combo's like that. But I never have had...
  19. LovelyArianna

    Should I even be here? Mono needs help please.

    Polyanomaly, I would also like to add to be gentle with yourself. Always, yes, but unconditional love is firstly within us for ourselves. Unconditional love is loving ourselves no matter what conditions we see on the outside. While we are encouraged to think it's loving another person past...
  20. LovelyArianna

    Should I even be here? Mono needs help please.

    I'm new to the forum, hope I do this right. As with overly simplistic answers, your own truth is in there somewhere to fill in the gaps with...... Here's what I have leaned so far.......and there is more profound stuff in my head but bare with me for the simplistic post first.... For the...