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    fluid bonding/bareback

    You know, the funniest thing about this statement is that, on my first go 'round with the husband in a rolling mess of polyamory, he DID give me strep throat. Again and again and again until the only course of action was a tonsillectomy because I had exhausted the various kinds of antibiotics I...
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    fluid bonding/bareback

    So, we started the discussion this past weekend and T is fine with the idea of the three of us going for the fluid bonding situation. (We're a closed loop, btw.) E wrinkled his nose a bit when he heard that he'd have to go for a doctor's workup just to make sure we're all clean. T and I...
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    Weight loss support

    Count me in. I've got 20 more pounds to go before I rest and they are kicking my ass.
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    fluid bonding/bareback

    Ok, time for a little bump-a-roo here.... Because of mostly medical reasons, I'm getting a Mirena installed at the beginning of next month. Yay for collateral benefits of not needing condoms anymore, right? Sort of. I'm the F in a MFM and T, with whom I have more penetrative sexual contact, is...
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    Movies: That would have been better with a poly ending.

    OK, I might be able to sign onto that. Long-term, I just couldn't buy into their relationship ever working. Or maybe adventures with Duckie seemed like they'd be more intriguing....
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    Movies: That would have been better with a poly ending.

    Ugh, no. Blane was a tool. Andie, Duckie and anyone but Blane would be fine in my book. :rolleyes:
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    Team Triad

    So, the Open Love NY event last night was a talk about triads and threesomes and how to make those kinds of situations work. The speakers have their own blog here and were fairly thought provoking in sharing their own experience as well as hearing what other folks have to say. I know this forum...
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    Sleeping Arrangements and Beds: Merged Threads, General Discussion

    I'm going to play the devil's advocate here for just a sec...some people don't like to be defined by who they sleep with. Does it work well in today's society? Not usually, but it might make them feel better to believe that they haven't contributed to the problem. Also? Some people do really...
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    Threesome gone wrong

    Magdlyn, keep talking. Don't drive it into the ground, but feel out what the two of them might be up for when it is the three of you. Don't give up trying to build a relationship between all of you once your other ones are strong enough.
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    Threesome gone wrong

    Ok...after more than a year of being a MFM triad, we're slowly easing into shared, threeway sexual activity and managing the four relationships it affects. Am I airtight on a regular basis? Hell no and all of this has come with trust, love and the recognition that there will still be times...
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    Polyamory: Married and Dating - Premier July 12th

    Yeah, sitting around and talking about how to make a relationship work is decidely un-sexy. Oh well.
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    VERY difficult situation

    I think something else you need to ask yourself is are you using poly as a way to play the field before you decide on whether or not you want to dump your existing boyfriend. I was pretty much in the same situation as you in college, only my boyfriend was 45-minute subway ride away and the guy...
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    interesting question about polyandry, primarily for females

    Funny thing about being the lady in our MFM...despite years of opportunities and a really deep friendship, I never dared do anything with T and E because I thought they were together. Boy was I wrong. Boy was I right. When T made his move with me, it instantly blew up the friendship between...
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    Sleeping Arrangements and Beds: Merged Threads, General Discussion

    Just keep talking and keep negotiating and making sure you know exactly where everyone else stands. She's probably terrified that her husband will want you more (someone has to chime in here about all that NRE business) and for a time he might. But, if you're committed to being with both of...
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    Movies: That would have been better with a poly ending.

    Well, Roger Ebert weighed in with his review including this little nugget: (Where O=Girlie) Now, no one is ever going to mistake me for a poly cheerleader. Ever. This is the most work I've ever put into a relationship and that sort of commitment isn't for everyone. Still, Mr. Ebert, the sort...
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    Movies: That would have been better with a poly ending.

    So, the three of us headed off to see "Ted" Saturday night and we're watching a preview for a film called "Savages" where the lead actress is introducing the two male leads in a voiceover. Then she says, "And, yeah, I'm with both of them." Kids these days, I tell ya.
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    Safer sex, trust, and long-distance relationships

    *cough* green card *cough* How long have you spent with this fellow? If you're the suspicious type, I highly recommend against a LDR under almost all circumstance. There's just too much that you can't know that will drive you crazy.
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    Veto Arrangements - Merged Threads, General Discussion

    Ugh, your situation sucks. I dated a guy for four months. We had known each other for years prior to me asking his wife if I could borrow him for a night or two. They have an open marriage and I didn't want anything more than some mild companionship having been through hell in a relationship...
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    Polyamory: Why is it not immoral?

    I sometimes worry not that what we're doing is immoral but about how other people, usually strangers, would react if they knew. Human beings do terrible things when they feel their worldview is threatened. In the case of us three, would it have been more moral to cast aside a really good friend...
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    Why is it harder?

    Think of this as you would any other major life change - when you hit puberty, did you have a girlfriend the next day? Likely no. So don't put unreasonable expectations on your new identity. Relax and have fun. The right one will wander along.