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    Confusion in the marriage

    ohhhhhh can i relate!!! hubby and i are in the SAME sitch! only it's reversed...he wants to and i am scared as hell. mainly because i do not form friendships or get beyond "hey what's up?" with almost ANYONE...i keep people at a good safe emotional distance so it scares the crap out of me to...
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    can't stand it anymore,confused

    verrrrry true...i do NOT get close to people...on purpose mainly because i have been hurt before and now if i don't HAVE to take the chance i usually opt not to. but with was different, and we did just have a convo and she said she would just like being with me bc i don't pressure here...
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    can't stand it anymore,confused

    she was interested in ME first. hubby just kinda horned his way on in and then she realized she liked being with us both. but had he not pushed his way in then she would have been happy with just me...i think
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    can't stand it anymore,confused far we have only kept things to just these two ppl as far as hubby and i; i on the other hand have been with numerous other guys with his permission and knowledge; so far he does not ever appear judgmental or jealous of me doing so. there is ONE other girl he would like to be intimate with...
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    can't stand it anymore,confused

    i'm back...i used to have a profile on here before but i forgot my info so i had to start husband is sheiksquall and we have been together 12 years, married 11. thing is hubby within the past year or two has decided or discovered he is poly and i have tried to understand it and him and...