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    What words do you use - lover, partner, girlfriend, boyfriend, something else?

    for me and hubby it is a strange situation. i call hubby, my husband hubby etc. or else by his name. my other guy who is very serious with me. He gets called by his name or else with people who know he is my boyfriend. He calls me his weekend wife (he is single) because we basically live...
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    Texting lately has become a bit of an issue with me and my hubby. He has a serious gf that i like. Not in a sexual way but i do like her as a person. they are a couple now. I have a bf that calls me his weekend wife. lol. But with hubby and his gf they are constantly texting each other all...
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    new to forum

    Hi everyone. I am a 35 yo female living in central Washington state. I have been married for almost 11 yrs now to my wonderful hubby. We were involved in the swinging lifestyle from the get go. Now things are a bit different for us. We met some awesome people at a social club. I found that...