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    Looking for poly friends.

    I want to learn more about it in general. Talk to people who are practicing. My partner knows I don’t believe in monogamy. The girl I’m talking to knows as well.
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    Why polyamory is not a sin

    I first started to question what I was being taught at Bible college when I was in my 1&2 Samuel class and the teacher kept saying that polygamy is a sin. I raised my hand and asked where in the Bible it said that specifically. He didn’t have an answer so he said he would ask the director of the...
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    I’m drowning in monogamy.

    I guess that’s the best way to describe me right now. Drowning in monogamy. I’m 37, lesbian. I just need connections and friends to start. I’m in a long term relationship with a close minded mono girl. And I’ve been talking to another open minded mono girl but I don’t have a poly relationship...
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    Searching for connection, community and understanding

    I’m looking for the same! Like minded people.
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    Poly Newcomer

    Hiii. I’m new too and looking to talk to people as well. 😊
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    Looking for poly friends.

    I have ZERO poly friends. It would be super amazing to have someone to talk to about it. My gf is mono, and a girl I’m talking to is also mono. It’s super hard. A bit about me: I’m 37, and I identify as a lesbian. I am not looking for a relationship, just someone that I can connect with to talk...