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    Conflicting relationships

    Hey guys! I am 24(f) single and interested in polyamory. I met a wonderful group of people while out with mutual friends and really hit it off. Specifically with a polyam couple ( two women). Fast forward about 4 months to now after regular hang outs and getting to know every one on a general...
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    Monogamy, polyamory, jealousy, and cross roads

    I didn’t realize I was using cis incorrectly but thank you that’s not at all what I meant. I should have just said straight and mono leaning.
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    Monogamy, polyamory, jealousy, and cross roads

    Thank you I appreciate you being very candid and direct with your thoughts. I see my mistakes now after posting on a few forums and getting many different perspectives and I think this is boiling down to letting go and doing some self reflection. Thank you thank you thank you.
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    Monogamy, polyamory, jealousy, and cross roads

    I have been in a situationship that I could really use some advice on. To start, me and my partner matched online exactly 2 years ago in September. We didn't go on our first date until November and we really clicked instantly. He asked me to be his girlfriend in February and we remained...