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  1. Bahalana

    Poly in Brussels

    Hello, Any poly people in Brussels? in their 20s or early 30s? Or know where to meet some? I know there's a meet up group each month but...
  2. Bahalana

    Belgian chocolate

    I'm in Brussels. Newly arrived.
  3. Bahalana

    Just want to vent.

    I second bookbug. It sounds as though you want to renegotiate your relationship but forgot to include him in the process. Or maybe the difficulty your finding in asking for what you want is because you know he doesn't agree. Yep, sounds like typical female entitlement to me. :rolleyes:
  4. Bahalana

    Am I a...?

    Are you a single horned mystical equine? It sounds like it.
  5. Bahalana

    is there a better word?

    I'm getting dizzy from reading this thread. How many circles can we talk in at once? I think almost everyone who has replied has said essentially the same thing (and I'm paraphrasing here), "I do what I want for my own reasons, and everyone else is of course entitled to do the same". At least we...
  6. Bahalana

    Struggling to Find Happiness

    I don't know if people have been sending you private messages, but only three people have replied to this thread you've started. One advised you to ask him to slow down, another said follow your gut, and the last one said spread your wings and live a little. Maybe there's more space between...
  7. Bahalana

    The Yo Yo effect

    I was going to try and give some advice, maybe suggest marriage counseling, like others already have. But all I can think to say is, what a jerk (what first came to mind were some slightly more colorful adjectives that I decided not to use). It amazes me that not only had he been lying from the...
  8. Bahalana

    poly fidelity- the poly version of monogamy

    It would also remove the possibility of your partner bringing something along that will threaten your health. It stands to reason if you can manage to get the image and reality of polyfidelity to aline that you would receive all the corollary benefits of monofidelity.(I thought I would make up...
  9. Bahalana

    Division in the poly community

    I'll call BS on your calling BS. From Wikipedia: The vocabulary of English is undoubtedly vast, but assigning a specific number to its size is more a matter of definition than of calculation. Unlike other languages such as French (the Académie française), German (Rat für deutsche...
  10. Bahalana


    I have not heard of it, but I think I like it. Though I suppose its just another example of mankinds innate drive to explore, understand, and subsequently categorize and define. At least now were exploring more of the inner workings of ourselves. I would feel remiss however, if I didn't take...
  11. Bahalana

    What to do when tertiary's needs conflict with mine. [long!]

    I understand why you left the bar, if you felt that was best for you, good job doing it. You just have to specify that so nobody thinks your trying to say that somebody else is responsible for your feelings and actions. Yes, she doesn't have to meet you and you can't force her. It might feel...
  12. Bahalana

    Falling In

    I'm also not trying to be rude or mean CranberryStardust, but this really sounds like you're reading your own situation into hers. It's been a couple of days since you've posted in your own new to poly thread, and I for one am really curious how it's going?
  13. Bahalana

    How to deal with jealousy

    Sorry, thought you were a squid out of Norfolk.
  14. Bahalana

    How to deal with jealousy

    I am right there with you. Sailing the the seven seas isn't what it used to be. You have to keep your head on a swivel, not off in the clouds, if you want to keep it at all. Don't forget the navy's three strikes policy. This could affect your health and your career.
  15. Bahalana

    Starting poly(?)

    If you don't like the guy you should tell your boyfriend. Don't tell him it's okay or not okay, tell him you don't care for him and why that is. Maybe you see something your boyfriend doesn't because of your different perspective, or your boyfriend could be blinded by NRE (I bet everyone here...
  16. Bahalana

    Hello from SF Bay Area

    Hello opo, Well that's a lot of information, and if your looking for advice it might be better to post it again in the new to poly section. A lot of the more experienced members are really good at picking long posts like this apart and will have some very good and detailed advice for you. All...
  17. Bahalana

    Questions from a newbie

    I understand that they are promising that you will all be equals eventually, but in the mean time it seems that you're being considered a secondary relationship. (A term about which there is much contention and discussion) Hopefully they are as good as their word and this is all just temporary...
  18. Bahalana

    well it's official...but now what?

    It sounds like you are just caught up in some serious NRE if you're actually letting this behavior slide. You always have a right to ask questions and express your opinion. I know I don't have all the facts but I think they're giving unicorn hunters a bad name. (not that it was a good one to...
  19. Bahalana

    Unicorns & Unicorn Hunters - Merged Threads, General Discussion

    A unicorn in polyamorous circles colloquially refers to a single, bisexual woman, who is interested in forming a polyfidelitous triad with an already established couple of a man and a woman. The choice of the label unicorn should demonstrate the perceived rarity of such individuals and the...
  20. Bahalana

    Help! In a right pickle.

    I'm really curious how this worked out. So its been a year, what happened?