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    Guru falls

    I only read Elaine's story so far. I don't know how representative it is of the accounts but I didn't find abuse in it. Some miscommunications and some boundaries vs rules (consistent with what FV advocates for). It also seems that she felt ghosted (it's unclear to me if he was actually ghosted...
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    How did you know you were poly?

    I knew when I realized there was a name for being in love with multiple people, once I admitted to myself that it applied to me. Just because something isn't common in a culture doesn't mean you can't explore it and see if it works for you. Vegetarianism comes to mind. The norm in some...
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    MFM triad of EAGLES raising chicks

    Hey, I didn't know Ted Danson was in the US version. Cool.
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    MFM triad of EAGLES raising chicks

    I agree, sounds like the male have a bromance of sorts, it seemed like a V to me, where after the girlfriend left the two guys stayed in touch to raise their kids and then met another woman.
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    Multiple partners survey

    None of the male body types had enough flesh on their bones, so it was tricky for me too.
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    Multiple partners survey

    I said I had never had an affair and had no interest in ever having an affair. It still asked me about affairs the whole time, without "not applicable" being an option. Also didn't ask anything about anyone but one of my partners. Doesn't seem to have anything to do with polyamory.
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    Cuddling With Friends - & Non-sexual Intimacy

    Yes, I have an ex who is on the spectrum, he wanted long, almost constant cuddles (except very rarely when he didn't want to be touched at all). It was too intense for me, and I love cuddling!
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    "Professor Marston and the Wonder Women"

    I actually like the style of his reviews, and I'm used to them so this one wasn't a shock or anything. I enjoyed the movie a whole lot, but I also think he raises good points. I thought Elizabeth in particular was very aggressive and passive-aggressive in the movie, telling her husband she's not...
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    "Why Happy People Cheat"

    I don't read it as "cheating is good", more as "cheating is cheating, and it's more useful to try to understand the reasons behind it than to just yell "evil" at the person and end it there". So I don't think it's about it being a good thing, just that the people who cheat aren't necessarily...
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    "Why Happy People Cheat"

    I felt it was a pretty good article. It's a bit long but I think it's worth reading.
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    Starting my poly life

    It's been over a year so I'm overdue for an update. A lot to talk about though... First, I guess I'll talk about my relationship status. In my last post I was dating Seamus, Dragon and Fox. A few months after that post, Dragon and I ended up breaking up. There were some communication issues and...
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    French and Polyamory

    I'm French as well, although I live in the US now. Not sure what to add to this thread right now but I thought I'd pop in and say hi :)
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    polyamory in translation

    I'm French, and I wouldn't be surprised if there were other French people on the forums :) But there are very good forums in French so it's quite possible most French polyamorists stick to those. I mostly hang out here because I live in the US and my partners are American so it helps to discuss...
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    Survey: How do you negotiate privacy?

    I have answered the survey as well. However I'm worried about how my answers may seem. For instance, I said that my partner has disclosed a great deal about me to my metamour, and about my metamour to me, but all those conversations have happened between the three of us together, not behind...
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    Western Love Lab looking for participants currently having partner(s)

    Thanks! It didn't cause distress, I'm just bad at math :P
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    New Utah Bigamy Law

    I feel like I'm misunderstanding this part. It sounds to me like old law: being married and living with someone else = bigamy, while new law: being married and living with someone else you claim to be your spouse = bigamy. That makes the new law less restrictive than the old one.
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    Western Love Lab looking for participants currently having partner(s)

    I had the same issue. I tried to calculate it as zero point something but I got frustrated with the math and just put 0.
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    Your most recent OKC messages. post em here!

    I don't pay. I get likes now and then and get emails telling me so, with a picture of the person and a link to their profile. Are you supposed to pay for that feature? Because I'm getting that for free.
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    Starting my poly life

    Thanks :) I'm happy for me too :P
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    Starting my poly life

    Update on my situation :) I'm still in a relationship with my three guys. Seamus and I moved into the same building my boyfriends live in, next door to them. We share a wall and it takes about one minute to visit each other, which we do daily. It's as close to living together as we could...