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  1. RiverRose

    Hi - Cornwall UK

    A small world eh? :) I'm Jeannie Rose on there. Had to change to an alternative profile as I'm not out, and the Facebook group suggestions in the side-bar were threatening to out me to anyone curious enough to wonder what polyamory is. RiverRose xxx.
  2. RiverRose

    Hi - Cornwall UK

    Hello Timelordess :D I'm in South Wales. Are you by any chance the lady who has just posted on the Facebook UK Polyamory group about not being able to meet new poly people in Cornwall? RiverRose xxx.
  3. RiverRose

    A Mono's Journey Into Poly-Land (or, "Aw hell, there's no road map?!")

    Yeah, that kind of thing annoys me too. Prior to having a sticky- faced and fingered menace of my own, I would sometimes see parents who were just downright lazy or dragging their babies around like fashion accessories, but mostly I thought parents were saints and wondered how on earth they...
  4. RiverRose

    Slate article

    It might be this way on the continent, but I'm not sure. As for the UK, not in my own experience. That is, from what I've seen myself (I've thankfully never been cheated on, that I know of). I've seen a lot of marriages break down based merely on a suspicion of cheating, and the general attitude...
  5. RiverRose

    Poly-Friendly Cities

    Bristol and Manchester, in England, both have very active poly groups too.
  6. RiverRose

    Just want to apologise to anyone who has messaged me on here in the last 6 months. I was off...

    Just want to apologise to anyone who has messaged me on here in the last 6 months. I was off here for quite some time and I don't receive e-mail updates when I get messages.
  7. RiverRose

    Truth & Consequences

    Hello Elemental, Have to say that I am liking your blog, even though I feel so sad as I read it. Seriously hoping that you get some form of happy ending with Raven. Am I being silly for wishing for a fairytale ending for you? You certainly deserve it. A guy I was dating recently was...
  8. RiverRose

    What to say

    When a child comes along, the emotions involved become even more irrational than they do in romantic love. People can be whatever sexual orientation they wish, hold whatever politic/religious beliefs they want, live where they want etc. but how a mother feels about her child (whether positive or...
  9. RiverRose

    What to say to people who assume poly = group sex?

    That's a great article. I love articles that make you think. I seem to have ended up unwittingly in this poly model, but not by choice. I just happen to have met my husband and got married before I realised I was poly. I'm very glad I read this article. Hopefully I can avoid the pitfalls. I...
  10. RiverRose

    Just been dumped for the first time

    I would like to thank everyone for their support and advice :) SchrodingersCat - yeah, I'm being quite upfront about being polyamorous to any guys that message me on OkCupid now. Kim xxx.
  11. RiverRose


    This is a fantastic idea. It would be nice to meet some poly people down here. It can get so isolated here sometimes, and I'm not quite close enough to attend the Bristol poly scene meet-ups. Kim xxx.
  12. RiverRose

    Poly music

    I have this album somewhere, and didn't even know that this song was on there. Just listened to it through your link. Wonderful! For another suggestion, how about Ruby Tuesday by The Rolling Stones? Kim xxx.
  13. RiverRose


    Hi DaJaye74, Do you write letters in the old-fashioned snail mail way? If not, maybe consider sending her little love notes every so often. She's caught up in NRE, but it won't last for ever. Hang in there! She has been with (waited for?) you for 13 years. That suggests there is a depth to her...
  14. RiverRose

    Hi! :-)

    Greetings! Hi Seba! Nice to meet you. I'm fairly new to polyamory myself. We seem to be such a small community, and it appears to be difficult to find partners who are ok with it. But that's what this forum is for; somewhere for us poly people to chat and support each other. Kim xxx.
  15. RiverRose

    Hi lydiainsane, Typed 'Cardiff polyamory' into Google, and discovered that you were here on the...

    Hi lydiainsane, Typed 'Cardiff polyamory' into Google, and discovered that you were here on the forum. I'm Kim, and currently living in Aberdare (an hour's train ride from Cardiff). Would just like to say hello, and that I am up for meeting other poly people to make friends with. Feeling a bit...
  16. RiverRose

    Just been dumped for the first time

    He probably wasn't maliciously lying. He just had these doubts and chose to hide them. It was when he said he still wanted to see me, that I felt like a stop-gap. His idea was that he would only see me until he met someone he really liked. Oh well, I have learnt a few valuable lessons from this...
  17. RiverRose

    Just been dumped for the first time

    I probably am guilty of that to a certain extent. I did ask him about the nature of his open relationships. Perhaps I should have enquired a bit further, but I didn't want to frighten him off. The thing that brought this about was that he hardly ever contacted me (always me contacting him), so...
  18. RiverRose

    Just been dumped for the first time

    Thank you LadySFI :) Kim xxx.
  19. RiverRose

    Just been dumped for the first time

    Thank you Galagirl, It's good to know I can talk to people on here. Sadly we are not out to friends and family so I cannot confide in them. My husband is there for me, and I have a beautiful little baby boy who cheers me up. The relationship was thankfully not of very long duration, but I...
  20. RiverRose

    Just been dumped for the first time

    Hi guys, Any tips on how to get myself through my first ever instance of being dumped in a poly situation? Kim xxx.