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  1. aLABiMCpl

    Is this a poly relationship?

    Poly is not about Sex: Swinging is.... face it Glad to see someone else knows what being Poly really is.
  2. aLABiMCpl

    Is this a poly relationship?

    This is supposed to be an Adult Group, act like one. Poly simplified: A couple that consists of more than 2. That means: You treat the whole as you would if it were just 2 people in a "traditional" relationship.... "traditional" not being dysfunctional. So: Loving, open, honest...
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    Is this a poly relationship?

    Don't take YOUR fears out on others: FACE THEM! & the facts - Not even met the husband - Thus: fully taking the word of her lover Thus: never entered into an agreement by all parties involved Thus: as far as she knows there is no husband, or that husband is a wife, or a spouse may not even...
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    Is this a poly relationship?

    Seriously!? I swear, this has become a Swinger's site. Definitely not Poly.
  5. aLABiMCpl

    Is this a poly relationship?

    If you have not met all parties involved and went through the rules of the relationship, then it is not Poly. You're just a side chick.
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    LA couple looking for bi female

    Los Angeles is not a State.... --▶ L.A.◀--
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    How far should fluid bonding go??

    Never got this concept. If a person is not trustworthy, why would they still be part of the relationship? The only thing one should have to think about protecting against is pregnancy, not STDs.
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    Limiting Age in a Poly Group

    : 24 : We have a 24 year age gap, so age prejudice makes no sense for us. Still: People have their own weird prejudices, be it age, race, size, etc. and they can basically segregate as they like.... it's why they made a Group in the first place.
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    Doctor Who

    3 is a crowd.... As long as "the Trinity" exists, there will be connections between 3 people in Stories.... It's also an easy way to make a Story grow for Writers, gives you many angles for expansion. The Doctor is more like a Big Brother or Father figure.... and Strax is more of a...
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    Bisexual, Pansexual, it all semantics?

    Nature loves it's Bellcurves.... I think you were dealing more with Ignorance.... being Bisexual you already know you like women, and still like men.
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    Resurrecting old threads

    👍 ` It is new to someone, unless this place stopped accepting new people..?.. As long as it's an appropriate continuation and not just a Troll or a bump, it's inevitable. ________________________________ I have been on Forums that actually lock Threads after a given time, even if they were...
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    Word Association Game!

    → ` Bag `
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    ` If you look and can not find.... be proactive and make one. `
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    Word Association Game!

    ` Goat `
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    Word Association Game!

    ` William `
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    Word Association Game!

    Bro ` Mansiere `
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    Hi, it's Natalia, creator of Showtime's "Polyamory: Married & Dating"

    I think we all know who needs ignoring, now. ` Just because it does not answer the Questions to your Universe, don't assume it does not apply.
  18. aLABiMCpl

    Hi, it's Natalia, creator of Showtime's "Polyamory: Married & Dating"

    ` If Color brings out that kind of Fear in you, I think 8 may be overshooting it by a few years. ILID `
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    Polyamory: Married and Dating - Premier July 12th

    ` I figure Poly will be associated with Swingers my entire lifetime and in the same breath.... ruined by Swingers my entire lifetime. `